Photo by John Brady

Members of Ilya and KATA have formed a new darkwave band called Warsaw. The group—which comprises vocalist/guitarist Demetrius Antuna, keyboardist/vocalist Rebecca Antuna, bassist John Mattos and drummer Lance LaFave—are releasing their debut self-titled EP on Nov. 8, and playing their debut show at The Whistle Stop on Nov. 10.

Demetrius Antuna says that, because everyone's played together before, the band came together pretty quickly.

"It's essentially parts of two bands combined," he says, in a phone interview. "We were all hanging out together at the Whistle Stop on the night of the California primary. We got to talking about music and I brought up the idea of doing something a little more gothy, something more straightforward, not as complicated as Ilya. It just came together like that."

The name might sound familiar to those who know their goth history. Warsaw was the name Joy Division used before releasing their debut album Unknown Pleasures. And it's not coincidental, Antuna confirms.

"We were talking about some song ideas and some of the stuff reminded me a lot of Joy Division," he says. "So it just made sense to use the name Warsaw. I know it's not the most original idea, but what the hell."

The band is lining up more shows this fall and winter, and might even end up playing some short tours in the not too distant future. However, it's unlikely that Warsaw will be crossing the country anytime soon.

"Weíre talking about doing a little jaunt up the West Coast," Antuna says. "Weíre not a big touring band. It's a bunch of parents in the band, so the most we can do is a weekend up the coast. I don't know what to expect from it. I just want to get out there and play some shows."


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