Nov. 8 2016 03:46 PM

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Thank you for your excellent and progressive newspaper. I am a long termer in San Diego, born in old Mercy Hospital and raised in East County. San Diego needs your paper. It certainly offers insightful and meaningful articles and news that is so lacking in our current city newspaper. I have recently e-mailed my appreciation to two of your contributors (Ed Decker and Aaryn Belfer) for their bitingly accurate and timely articles—they do a great job.

Good job by Ron Donoho on the California National Guard demanding repayment of bonuses paid out to some of our armed service people ["Epic stupidity: taking money from veterans," Oct. 25]. It was worse than stupid—it was criminal. Thankfully, it looks like Congress is going to side with the vets.

Nicholas Kennelly, La Mesa


Thank you, Ron Donoho, for your excellent publication. Thank you, also, for the first-class Progressive Voter Guide [Oct. 19].

Thank you, Aaryn Belfer, for the wonderful job that you do as an informed and effective journalist. Thank you for your insight and courage.

Thank you, Aaron Leaf, for the extraordinary job you're doing as an activist and artist ["Aaron Leaf pays tribute to police shooting victims," Oct, 12]. Hopefully, you will reconsider an art show, to profile the memory of these innocents and to educate the public about the racist police brutality within our community.

Thank you all for being a class act. In these ugly days, you shine a light of true inspiration.

Anna Bowen-Davies, University Heights


As a man of science, I want to tell you how much I enjoy Amy Alkon's columns [Advice Goddess]. Using published research to back up your advice is unique and very enlightening. Seems that it often comes down to the idea that, as progressive as we try to be, it's hard to escape our hard-wired biology. I'm a big proponent of that line of thought!

Keep up the great work and Iíll continue to check it out!

Anthony Hawksworth, San Diego


Kudos to Ryan Bradford for bravely writing a [Well, That Was Awkward] column that addressed his anxiety disorder ["Understanding anxiety through horror films," Oct.12]. I have admired his writing since my introduction to CityBeat five or six years ago. His columns never fail to make me laugh. As far as I can remember, this was the first time he mentioned having an anxiety disorder. Thank you for showing such courage in light of the stigma and misunderstanding that surrounds mental health issues. You may never know how many readers were touched or encouraged by what he wrote.

Suzy Perkins, La Mesa


Two things: Thank you to Glenn Heath for reviewing "Long Way North," a lovely film. I finally got to the Digital Gym Cinema and it is wonderful, like having your own private screening room, plus they have discounted matinees!

Thank you to the brilliant editor for the Progressive Voter Guide issue, which enabled me to digest the issues and actually understand them. We needed the help. Those dissatisfied readers apparently don't understand the word progressive. You provide a public service for which I am deeply grateful. Thank you again.

Nancy Drew, Normal Heights


I just want to say thank you for Minda Honey. Her columns [At The Intersection] are so real and refreshing to read. If anything, I think they should appear more than once a month! Thank you!

Tamara Rhodes, Normal Heights


Thank you to Aaryn Belfer for expressing in powerful words the anger in my heart. Alfred Olango definitely did not matter and neither do I to the domestic terrorists hiding in their polyester ["Police had no reason to dismantle Olango memorial," Oct. 12]. It was truly a perfect summation of the unequal "justice" on full and unapologetic display.

You brought this grown man to tears a few weeks ago with another powerfully sad but so-true-it-hurt article regarding sexism ["Invisible paper cuts of a lifetime of sexism," Aug. 17].

Thank you for your skill, wisdom and anger.


Kevin Bozanich, Carlsbad


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