Nov. 22 2016 05:25 PM

Members of Plateaus, Barbarian share memories of their late bandmate

    Jon Greene, second from left, with Barbarian

    San Diego's music scene lost one of its MVPs earlier this month when Jon Greene died unexpectedly on Nov. 8. He was 35 years old. Greene performed in a long list of bands, including Plateaus, Barbarian, Lowlands and Los Platanos, and recorded an even longer list of other bands, such as The Soft Pack, Crocodiles, Heavy Hawaii and Dum Dum Girls.

    A memorial service was held at Soda Bar last weekend to remember Greene and pay tribute to his musical influence and the music that influenced him. Likewise, many musicians he's worked with have also shared memories and tributes to their friend and collaborator.

    "Heroes are remembered, LEGENDS NEVER DIE," read a post from Barbarian's Instagram account last week. "You're with me every day and always."

    Seton Edgerton, of Barbarian and Well Well Well (whose debut Greene also recorded), has a particularly fond memory of performing with Greene at the Open Air Theatre in an opening slot for Arctic Monkeys.

    "In those moments I felt more alive than ever and I know Jon was feeling the same way," he says. "Creating and performing music amongst friends becomes a transcendental experience that is equally indescribable and supernatural and, I'm so glad we got to share so many of those memories for so many years."

    Chris Rosi, Greene's bandmate in Plateaus, said that the two became friends shortly after he recorded Rosi's first band, The Anasazis. One of Rosi's fondest memories was when Greene spoke at his wedding.

    "The day of my wedding, Jon drove up early to help out and all day he kept saying how he was going to give the best wedding speech ever, kept hyping this speech and when the time came, he totally choked—saying maybe two sentences—but it was so sweet and thoughtful, I'll never forget it," he says. "Jon had such a tremendous impact on the music scene, but he also had a huge impact on meóhe really was the definition of a great friend. I hope I can live up to the standard he set."


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