July 14 2010 10:06 AM

Enrique asks Pamela Anderson some burning questions, we look at how Foursquare is changing the nightlife scene and more

Photo by Jeff "Turbo" Corrigan

Shot on Scene

At DJ Switch's show at Voyeur on Thursday night, word got around that the ber-lame “L”-on-the-forehead gesture was back in fashion. Jesus, what's next? Acid-wash? Scrunchies? Mood rings? Oh, wait. American Apparel's coming out with a new Hypercolor T-shirt knock-off. Somebody please kill me—now.
—Seth Combs

Locals Only

A thief swiped small portraits of Jules from Dum Dum Girls and Anthony from Little Deadman off the wall at Tin Can Ale House last Friday, says artist Bryan Wingen. In the portraits, part of Wingen's Stripes Series, both Jules and Anthony are wearing red-and-white striped sweaters and standing in front of a red-and-white striped background. The prints are 5-by-7 inches and are mounted on small wood blocks about half an inch deep. “No need to make a huge gesture out of bringing them back,” Tin Can co-owner Kelsey Breunig wrote on Facebook this week. “Mail them back, or just simply leave them somewhere in the Tin Can.” If you come across the pieces, Wingen says to call him at 303-478-4142.

Matthew Bates—aka Mat Diablo, former host of The 91X Morning Show with Mat Diablo, which was cancelled in May—has been hired as senior radio program manager at Slacker Personal Radio,a San Diego-based online music service for which he worked as program director from 2006 to 2008. There, he'll program a variety of customizable online radio stations and provide content for the official stations of partners like Lollapalooza, the X-Games and ABC.

The Silent Comedy violinist Ian Kesterson is leaving the band to pursue “other creative passions,” the band announced Monday on its website. “Despite the bitter-sweetness of missing him, our parting is amicable, and we wish him all the best.” Kesterson did not respond to an e-mail by press time.

Experimental psych-rockers The Zion Laser Strike will celebrate the release of their new record, Masturlord, at Tin Can Ale House on Wednesday, July 14. Chairs Missing, the side project of Tape Deck Mountain's Paul Remund, will celebrate the release of their new EP at Tin Can on Thursday, July 15.

DJ All Good will spin at a fundraiser for OnLife Prevention Organization, which seeks to prevent suicide through social networking, at El Dorado on Friday, July 16.
—Peter Holslin

The Enrique Experience

San Diego's atypical July gloom was bringing everyone down. Lucky for us, Mother Nature summoned the one magical being that could get us out of this funk. No, not KUSI weatherman John Coleman—it was C.J. Parker herself—the radiant Pamela Anderson, who jumped on the paidappearance gravy train and celebrated birthday No. 43 Friday night at Gaslamp hotspot FLUXX.

Looking somewhat frail, donning Sharpie-drawn eyebrows and dressed in a summery ensemble consisting of white booty shorts and a matching top that sadly covered up her best feature—her rockin' barbedwire armband tat—the star of Stripperella, V.I.P and, my personal fave, Lit's “Miserable” music video, took some time to work the hungry press line, which consisted of Star 94.1's Geena the Latina and me. She managed to talk about her birthday wish and dancing in underwear and diss a locally bred celebri-whore.

Enrique: Finally 21, huh?

Pamela Anderson: It seems like my birthday never ends. I'm a lucky girl—my kids made me breakfast on my birthday.

Any particular birthday wish?

Um, just that it ends. [Laughs.]

You just went down under, so to speak, to do Dancing With the Stars. How'd it go?

I just opened up the show. I wasn't gonna, um, compete in it. It's really funny 'cause now I keep asking everybody [that] if I'm gonna do something, I wanna dance in it. So there are still opportunities to watch me shaking it in my underwear.

Kendra recently said you inspired her to get her “dream boobs.” How does that make you feel?


Kendra Wilkinson, from The Girls Next Door?

I have no idea who you're talking about.

Really? Hef's ex-girlfriend.


Any San Diego memories that come to mind?

Chargers! Yes, I love the Chargers. They did real good this year, but we're gonna miss LaDainian—I'm really sad about that.

And just like that, in a state of Bolt fever, the original “Tool Time girl” was whisked away as one of many teenage cholas that seemingly came out of nowhere shouted to her: “Stay sexy, mamas! Stay sexy!” Must've been the brows.
—Enrique Limón

San Diego Scenesters

Three months ago, Alejandro Mendez started using Foursquare, a location-based, social-media website and mobile application, and he's been “nerding-out,” as he says, on it ever since.

“I like that it's an easy way for your friends to know where you are at all times,” Mendez says. “I could see how that could be creepy for certain people.”

Mendez is among a growing number of people using GPS on their phones to “check in” every time they go somewhere—anywhere. Seriously, Mendez checks in at least a few times a day. His checkins feed automatically to Facebook, so his friends can see where he is.

“I invite stalkers,” laughs Mendez, who says checking in, especially at bars and clubs, makes him feel “kinda special” because he's showing that he's out and about.

Foursquare users earn virtual badges. Mendez has a “Bender Badge,” which means he's been out three-plus nights in a week. He also has a “School Night” badge he earned by checking in after 3 a.m. on a weeknight. And as far as the coveted “Mayor Badge,” Mendez is the mayor of Voyeur, which means he's been to the Downtown club more often than anyone else.

Mendez works at Voyeur (what a cheater!) and recently got a job at Analog Bar, but that doesn't mean his mayor status is safe. As more local businesses catch on to the viral nature of Foursquare, more people will start using the site and competing with one another to take advantage of Foursquare-only specials.

One of the first local venues to catch on to the trend is The Tipsy Crow. Last Friday, the Downtown club offered a $2 drink special if more than 50 people checked in, which would earn them a “Swarm Badge.”

“We were reaching for the stars,” said Eric Rosas, who does marketing for The Tipsy Crow and other Downtown bars. They didn't get the badge, but Rosas says this is just the start.

Local musician John Hull recently ousted “Evan M.” as The Tipsy Crow's mayor and now enjoys the bar's mayor-only offering of 50 percent off his bar tab every time he stops in.

“We've had people tell us that they're planning on coming in and beating out the current mayor,” Rosas says. “It's funny because a lot of businesses don't even know their business is on there or that people are checking in. People know about it; people are doing it. But more businesses need to start taking advantage of it.”
—Kinsee Morlan

Get ready to roll

The Park-2-Park shuttle is back on the streets of North Park, South Park and surrounding 'hoods, offering rides to venue-hoppers who don't want to drive.

The shuttle service opened earlier this year on Earth Day, April 22 but had to call it quits after a month. “We took a break because we needed to get more local business involvement,” said Omar Passons, who runs Park-2-Park with his wife, Erin.

Whether enough local businesses will support the shuttle service to keep it going for the long haul is an unanswered question, but the couple just finished their second weekend of service—the shuttle runs Fridays and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., and they plan to keep things going through Labor Day at least. And, sometimes, like for this weekend's San Diego Pride Festival and Parade, they'll add a special event line.

The reincarnation of Park-2- Park promises to be pretty cool. Last Friday, Greg Gibson did a live set on the shuttle, and Omar says Jamuel Saxon will probably be next. The pair is also looking for artists interested in putting up a “roving art show” inside the shuttles.

For route info and tickets, visit sdpark2park.com.
—Kinsee Morlan


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