July 21 2010 10:14 AM

Indie-rockers Lights On had a good time in the Big Apple, Enrique experiences momma Griffin and a roundup of Comic-Con parties


Locals Only

Indie-rockers Lights On enjoyed a successful mini-tour of New York City last week, where they played three packed shows, along with locals New Mexico, in support of their new album, Here Comes the Ocean.They got a lot of good press, most notably from East Village Radio, Phillybased music critic Bruce Warren and prominent indie-music blog Brooklyn Vegan. “We actually did a lot better out in NYC than we did at our record release show here in SD,” guitarist / vocalist Timothy Hines says in a Facebook message.

Joe Flammini, who helped launch the careers of Jason Mraz and Jewel as the owner of Java Joe's, will no longer be booking shows at Café Libertalia, his most recent endeavor. “All he would say is that he's looking for a place of his own,” says Donna Orlando, Café Libertalia's owner. “I'd imagine it was difficult for someone who's had places of his own for such a long time to time-share a space with others. We always got along fine, but I'm sure there were things he wanted to do differently.” Flammini declined to comment. From now on, the café will book shows only on Fridays and Saturdays. Open mic will continue on Sundays with a new host. Thursdays will feature a “Poetry & Pontification” open mic. Guitarist Doug McCarron will play Friday evenings.

New residencies are cropping up across the city. Starting in September, San Diego Music Award-winning singer-songwriter Josh Damigo will play at Lestat's every second Saturday of the month. Gregory Page recently began a weekly Satur day residency at the Westgate Hotel's Plaza Bar. Starting on Aug. 26, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds will play at El Dorado every second and fourth Thursday of the month.

Indie-poppers The Modlins are splitting amicably, the Reader reported last week. They'll release two more albums, Shoot the Moon and Late Night Feel, and play their final show at the Whistle Stop Bar on Aug. 20.

—Peter Holslin

Socialites of San Diego

His left leg is in a cast, and his right leg's weak. He spends six hours a day getting pumped with antibiotics. He doesn't have a job, and he can't ride his bike. But at least Matt Kelly, guitarist for pop-rockers Chaz, can play his guitar again.

“I was feeling pretty rusty there for a while,” he said over coffee last Sunday.

Last December, Kelly was hit, dragged and crushed by a semitruck as he was riding his bike to work on Orange Avenue in City Heights. His injuries were extensive—a crushed pelvis, a wrecked stomach, extensive nerve and skin damage, a foot infection resulting from long-term hospitalization, among other things—but he's made a steady recovery during the past seven months. He recently underwent one final surgery, so now he's out of the hospital for good.

He doesn't seem to harbor much resentment against the driver.

“I don't really think there's justice to be served or anything like that…. It's an accident,” he said.

As his lawyers tangle with his health-insurance company and handle a lawsuit resulting from the accident, Kelly watches movies, hangs with his girlfriend and jams with Chaz bandmate Aaron Thornhill.

“Aaron and I are just starting writing some stuff, so I don't really have any plans,” he says. He's considering doing a live improv session with one-man-band Nothingful. “It's not something I've really done before, so he's going to have to convince me.”

And despite the accident, he can't wait to get back on his bike.

“When I was in the hospital, I was dreaming almost every night about riding my bike,” he says. “I missed it so much.”

—Peter Holslin

The Enrique Experience

Heartbroken by faux-beau Levi Johnston's engagement announcement to “her”—as Kathy Griffin refers to Bristol Palin—the comedian and best-selling author and her boxed-wine-loving mom, Maggie, made an appearance at the Carmel Mountain Borders last week for a tandem book signing. Gayer than blowing on a vuvuzela during San Diego Pride Festival & Parade while cooling oneself with a Cherface-emblazoned cardboard fan (which I did, by the way), the nowblonde funny-lady took no prisoners.

Enrique: Maggie, did you know she was going to be a pain in the ass when you were pushing her out?

Maggie: When I was—oh, you mean tonight?

Kathy: No! During birth.

Maggie: Oh that. Oh gosh. You know what? I was preoccupied with the pain.

Kathy: And then came the regret.

You ladies are a total mother / daughter entertainment powerhouse la Lindsay and Dina Lohan.

Kathy: But what people don't know is that she's Lindsay and I'm Dina. Wouldn't it be great if she wrote “Fuck u” on her fingernail?

Maggie: It would sell a lot of books.

Kathy: Believe me, you'll see it at her trial.

Last time we spoke, you'd just been distinguished by a queer website as an “honorary gay” and we talked about what fetishes you were into. Anything new on the list?

Kathy: Still fisting, but give me a good ol' fashioned daisy chain where I'm the sloppy bottom and I'm in hog heaven.

On your repeal-Don't Ask Don't Tell-themed show, you asked Rep. Barney Frank if he was into “thruples.” That one's new to me. Care to elaborate?

Kathy: It's like a threesome / couple.

Did Maggie ever get into that?

Kathy: I'm not sure that she's ever done a thruple, but now that she's on TV—.

Last week I interviewed Pam Anderson, who's on board the paid-celebrity-appearance bandwagon. Any chance you'll follow her footsteps?

Kathy: That would be hilarious, but who the hell would pay me to go to their party? I can barely get people to come to my own.

Now that you're on the rebound, perhaps you should date Mel Gibson. Kathy: Of course. I just have to convert to Judaism first, as he is a deeply religious man.

L'chaim to that!

—Enrique Limón

Comic-Con party central

You don't have to have an expensive pass to enjoy the geeky shenanigans going on in San Diego this week. Check out our top picks of unofficial Comic-Con after-parties:

w00stock: This one features the loveable Adam Savage of Mythbusters, author / blogger Will Wheaton and music / comedy duo Paul and Storm for a night of songs, readings, comedy, short films and more. At 6:30 p.m. Thursday, July 22, at 4th & B, Downtown.

Diggnation Live: Digg founder Kevin Rose and fellow Digg podcaster Alex Albrecht will host a party featuring DJ Mike Relm. Stars of the Internet shows Totally Rad Show and iFanboy will also be hanging out. At 7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 22, at House of Blues.

Geek Girls & Friends Tweet-Up: The Geek Girls Network will host geeky movies, DJ Arturo R. Garcia and a chance to meet geeky girls. From 8 to 11 p.m. Friday, July 23, at Jolt 'N Joe's, Downtown.

Yacht Rock Video Screening Party: If you're part of the online soft-rock-inspired sensation, you already know what this one's about. The party will feature host Hollywood Steve screening the entire Yacht Rock series. Wear your smoothest nautical attire and dance to tunes spun by DJ Claire and DJ Ascot. From 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday, July 24, at Whistle Stop Bar in South Park.

League of Temporal Adventurers: The San Diego Steampunk Society is holding its first-ever gala, with a long list of performers, including Voltaire, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, The Slow Poisoner and more. All ages. From 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday, July 24, at Queen Bee's in North Park.

Other Comic-Con parties include the ICONS party at the Horton Plaza Event Center, July 24; the Munky King party at Basic Urban Kitchen & Bar, July 22; the Zombie Walk Afterparty at Quality Social, July 24; and Comic Book Burlesque at Marble Room, July 22; Comic-Con After Party and LA Hands Release Party and Art Show at THIN July 24; Comic On After Party featuring Daft Punk'd (The Tribute) at 4th & B, July 23; Sharpie Art Event at Quality Social July 22; Scenes of a Graphic Nature featuring Jim Mahfood and other guests creating live art at Soda Bar July 24; Tweet House at the USS Midway July 23; Chuck TweetUp at Bar Ninety July 23; Southern California Cartoonists Society Comic-Con Kick-off Party at Buster's BeachHouse July 22; Samurais and School Girls at Mainline (1676 Main St.) July 22; Marked Men Pirate Party aboard the H.M.S. Surprise and Star of India (1492 N. Harbor Dr.) July 23.

—Kinsee Morlan


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