July 28 2010 10:04 AM

CityBeat grades anti-labor propaganda and Juan Vargas' corporate backers

Jesse Ventura

Think of the children!

What does the movie Predator have to do with a school-district parcel tax?

Last week, after the San Diego Unified School District's Board of Education voted to put a parcel tax on the November ballot, Eric Christen, executive director of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction (who's none-too-fond of the board's support of a 2009 union-friendly project labor agreement, or PLA) sent out yet another over-the-top e-mail blast.

“What does Jesse Ventura think of SDUSD's proposed tax increase?” Christen wrote. The text links to a clip from the 1987 film in which “The Body” plays Blain Cooper, a Vietnam vet with a fondness for the M134 minigun. In the clip, Ventura snarls, “It's payback time,” while cranking up his multibarrel machine gun.

“Please join us (and Blain) in opposing this fiscal insanity and help us send a message to PLA proponents everywhere: You agree to a PLA and it is indeed ‘Payback Time,'” Christen writes.

We get it, Eric—you don't like PLAs. But, really, couldn't you come up with a more, well, kid-friendly film clip? How about this Antonio Banderas-voiced bit from Shrek II?

“Pray for mercy from Puss [pause] in Boots.” For unnecessary use of violence—and for referring to the ballot measure as a “multi-hundred million dollar tax increase” (multi?) when it's actually estimated to bring in $50 million a year for five years—we issue Christen a bazooka full of explosive diarrhea.

Recount Draculas

Back on primary election night, Assemblymember Mary Salas declared victory in her state Senate primary race against Juan Vargas. And, so, it would make sense to issue her 22 turds for actually losing the race by as many votes in the recount.

But she lost, so the whole thing is moot. She asked for a hand-count, then called it off after a few days. Salas cut the county a check for about $20,000 when it became clear she wasn't gaining any ground, allowing county Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler to finally go on her postponed vacation. However, we will award 16 shits to Vargas, who faces Republican and evangelical Christian Brian Hendry in the general election. That's how many “observers” attended the recount, supposedly on behalf of a citizen named Chris Taylor. As of deadline, we have been unable to determine whether or not the man actually exists—and believe us, we tried.

As it turns out, at least three of Taylor's “observers” are really employed by the Civil Justice Association of California, a group whose board members aren't even actual people; rather, they're mega-corporations ranging from BP to Pfizer. CJAC spent millions on independent expenditures to support Vargas' campaign. Other “observers” included the political-affairs manager for the California Farm Bureau Federation and several private attorneys, including one named Kourtney Bezanson, who told CityBeat that while she was officially representing Taylor, she was not paid by him.

Asked who did pay her, she said: “I don't feel comfortable talking about it.”

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