Aug. 4 2010 10:15 AM

CityBeat grades the Lincoln Club's Spanish, Ernie Dronenburg's mailers and Tea Party Doctors


Learn to spell

Even as the debate over immigration heats up faster than a Phoenix thermometer, San Diego's right-wingers are co-opting Mexican culture.

Take the Lincoln Club, the cabal of fiscal conservatives who are throwing a “Summer Fiesta Caliente” fundraiser to pull together money for the general-election campaign. The Aug. 16 event at the Ranch House in the planned community of Del Sur will feature “mariachis, margaritas and tacos” and a salsa-eating competition.

“WARNING: Chilies, like political fundraisers, aren't meant to be enjoyed by everyone,” the e-mail invitation says. “It takes courage, dedication and some personal sacrifice to become a hot chili lover or a political donor. Please be aware of your capabilities—consume chilies reasonably, but give generously. This is a fundraising event, not a complimentary happy hour.”

The invitation is signed by Lincoln Club CEO T.J. Zane, aka “El Presidente,” and developer Tom Sudberry, aka “El Jeffe.”

In Spanish, “el jefe” means “the boss,” and “el jeffe” means “the gringo who doesn't know how to spell.” Sudberry isn't the only conservative with a language issue; in 2009, the San Diego College Republicans launched a Facebook page for their “Taco Tuesdays,” a monthly get-together at “El Torito's or On the Boarder.”

The restaurants are El Torito and On the Border. We issue 18 mierdas to the Lincoln Club and 10 more to the College Republicans—the minimum Scrabble value for each of their misspellings.

Fair game

On the other side of the spectrum, we issue a dozen turds each to the San Diego Young Democrats and the Green Party of San Diego County for violating election law by failing to file required campaign-disclosure reports. The state Fair Political Practices Commission sent the groups official warning letters in July.

Ernest Dronenburg, a candidate for county Assessor facing incumbent David Butler in the November election, was also cited by the FPPC last month for leaving his campaign committee's address off its mass mailers in violation of the law.

The FPPC sent Dronenburg a simple warning, saying “the inadequate disclosure appears to be an inadvertent mistake and, on that basis, we have decided to close the case.”

We won't be so forgiving. Dronenburg describes himself as a “nationally recognized tax expert” and a partner in the “largest audit and tax consulting firm in the world,” and, therefore, he should be held to a higher standard when it comes to dotting i's and crossing t's. We dole out 5,000 turds in lieu of the maximum $5,000 fine.

Finding an angle

Sharron Angle, Republican challenger to Sen. Harry Reid in Nevada and never-ending source of political controversy, will be in San Diego this week for two fundraisers and a Tea Party rally.

The events are all tied to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a group whose medical journal has featured essays that advocate Creationism, suggest HIV doesn't cause AIDS and argue that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is unconstitutional. We award Angle three bouquets of carnations for capitalizing on San Diego's quack contingent.

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