Nov. 24 2010 10:19 AM

Little Hurricane, Birds & Batteries and half a dozen cover bands are among the shows we're jazzed about this week

Mini Mansions
Photo by Dustin Rabin

    Wednesday, Nov. 24

    PLAN A: MRK1, Mr. Biggs, Head$hake, Austin Speed @ El Dorado. A producer from Manchester whose name is a nod to KRS-One, MRK1 makes dubstep and grime (a subgenre of U.K. hip-hop) with blunted beats and a mid-tempo, reggae-tinged chug. Get here early for “Dub Dorado” resident DJs Mr. Biggs, Head$hake and Austin Speed, the guys responsible for this extra-heavy, twice-monthly dubstep night. PLAN B: LA Riots, TJR @ Voyeur. A DJ duo with a hipster sensibility, LA Riots meld elements of techno, house and drum 'n' bass into remixes of artists as diverse as indie-techno brats Crystal Castles and Dutch dance overlord Tisto, as well as into their own party-hardy tracks. PLAN C: The Bloodflowers @ Bar Pink. If electro ain't your thing, then The Bloodflowers are just what you need—no-frills rock 'n' roll la Queens of the Stone Age. BACKUP PLAN: DJ Gabe Vega, Hyena, DJ Man Cat, Coda Collins, Lesands, DJ Leif, Hoopnectar, Maystar, Trevor Dean @ Belly Up.

    Thursday, Nov. 25

    PLAN A: Yohan, EshOne, Pure Boom Hi-Fi, Mateo Bambaataa, Kurly Burrito @ Kava Lounge. Most live music venues are closed for Turkey Day, but, thankfully, the bass heads at “Dead Technology”—a new monthly all-vinyl dubstep night—have put together a solid lineup that'll jolt you out of that tryptophan stupor. Yohan is a mainstay in Sweden's dubstep and drum 'n' bass scene and local dude EshOne's been cooped up in the studio lately crafting some dancefloor-friendly bangers. BACKUP PLAN: DJ Artistic @ U-31.

    Friday, Nov. 26

    PLAN A: Birds & Batteries, Longstay, Patrick Norton & The Saints, DJ Lord Nelson @ Soda Bar. Counting Scary Monsters-era Bowie, John Carpenter films and Parliament- Funkadelic as influences, San Francisco's Birds & Batteries cross synth-pop grooves and prog-rock interludes with—wait for it—twanging slide guitar. Their new record, Panorama, leans more toward traditional instrumentation, but it's still as unclassifiable as it is captivating. PLAN B: Sleep Lady, Archons, Kuntz @ Tin Can Ale House. Sleep Lady is shoegaze in the strictest sense—their epic instrumental rock might not owe a whole lot to My Bloody Valentine, but they certainly stare at their shoes while they pummel you with cathartic riffs and crashing drums. BACKUP PLAN: Mario Escovedo Experience @ Riviera Supper Club.

    Saturday, Nov. 27

    PLAN A: Little Hurricane, Brothers Grimm, Miss Erika Davies @ Bar Pink. It's only a matter of time before bluesrock duo Little Hurricane get big: They've got serious chops, a knack for writing memorable hooks and a quaint live setup that includes an amp inside a nightstand. This will be their last show before they embark on a year-long “slow tour,” so fans of The White Stripes and The Black Keys would be wise to attend. PLAN B: Dawes, The Moondoggies, The Romany Rye @ The Casbah. This lineup comes straight from the American heartland (well, in spirit anyhow). Dawes, mainstays of L.A.'s “canyon folk” scene, play homespun folk with gorgeous vocal harmonies and sweeping melodies. Fellow Angelenos The Romany Rye play world-weary country tunes. Seattle's The Moondoggies, meanwhile, play pensive country-rock on par with a Nashville bar band. BACKUP PLAN: The Abyssinians, Raiz Muzik, Piracy & South Bay Wailers, DJ Carlos Culture @ World Beat Center.

    Sunday, Nov. 28

    PLAN A: Blasphemous Guitars, Geezer, Geezer from the Crypt, The Beatles U.S., District of Rebellion, Lil Strummer Orchestra, Too Cool for Karaoke @ The Casbah. As you'll read in my feature on this page, these bands all have one thing in common: Cover Me Badd mastermind Adam Gimbel, who plays live mash-ups (“Killing in the Name” meets “Friday I'm in Love,” Pinkerton meets Pink Floyd, etc.) with his tongue firmly planted in cheek. PLAN B: Pretty Lights, Free the Robots, Gramatik @ House of Blues. Armed with samplers and sequencers, Pretty Lights make incredibly catchy electro out of chopped-up samples and tight beats, bringing to mind DJ Shadow and Gnarls Barkley. BACKUP PLAN: SNDTRKR, Gardening Not Architecture, Phen Swan @ Che Café.

    Monday, Nov. 29

    PLAN A: Tobie Milford, Brent Nettles & the Texas Tea Party, Conscious Summary @ Soda Bar. Now here's a unique lineup—between Tobie Milford's oneman violin orchestra (which you can read all about in the feature on this page) and Conscious Summary's drone soundscapes, there's an Encinitas-by-way-of- Houston folkie with a rough-edged drawl. PLAN B: Mini Mansions, Street of Little Girls, The KABBs, D/Wolves @ Tin Can Ale House. As the frontman of L.A. trio Mini Mansions, Michael Schuman trades the drug-addled ferocity of his other band, Queens of the Stone Age, for piano- Mini Mansions laden pop hooks and bright vocal harmonies la Abbey Road.

    Tuesday, Nov. 30

    PLAN A: People Under the Stairs @ The Casbah. In the style of Jurassic 5 and The Pharcyde, L.A. duo People Under the Stairs craft beats out of vintage funk and soul records and deliver laid-back rhymes celebrating peace, love and—as is the case in their 2002 hit “Acid Raindrops”—marijuana. BACKUP PLAN: Bestial Mouths, Violet Tremors @ Tin Can Ale House. 

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