Dec. 8 2010 10:28 AM

Our readers tell us what they think

Things come in threes

Regarding your Nov. 24 editorial about former City Council President Ben Hueso: Hueso is part of the same political mafia as Padilla, Vargas and Inzunza. They all hang out together and help get each other elected.

They all should be put in jail for public corruption.

Lyle LaRosh, Bay Park

Editor's note: As far as we know, neither Hueso nor Vargas has commited a crime. Inzunza has been convicted of crimes; his case is on appeal.

The letter T

Thanks for the report on Popaditch violence against Rep. Bob Filner [“Editor's Note” and “The Front Lines,” Nov. 10]. Don't be scared away by these thug tactics.

I hope this proves to everyone that the T- party stands for Terror, Thugs and Tax Thieves. They are the same thugs who blocked the recount in Florida; they are corporate.

Please agitate for the arrest of Popaditch on assault charges. Filner will be assassinated if he brings the suit.

We need to all get together and nip these Nazis in the bud. They are trying to take over by violence. Don't be fooled by rhetoric. This is not a revolution; it's a dictatorship.

Val Sanfilippo, Linda Vista

First impressions

About Enrique Limón's “Experience” at Pounders Sports Pub in Escondido [“Nightgeist,” Nov. 3]: First, let me tell you that I am on the Pounders staff. I am one of the security personnel. I generally work the middle area of the bar, as well as cover both the front and back doors when necessary. I have been a customer there for many years, having first been there (way back) in 1989 when I turned 21. Some friends from high school (San Pasqual) were in a band called Threshold and played there quite frequently then. I have been working there as security for more than three years now.

Years ago, I stopped thinking of first impressions as gospel on how you, from that point on, judge anything. So, yes, I have issues on how Enrique formed his opinion about Pounders. Upon reading the article, a few questions came to me about his perception.

First, he mentions the odor of Drakkar and day-old puke. I'll comment on the day-oldpuke odor: Come on in during a hot summer day, when the heat agitates that particular odor from the carpets. I concede to that one. But you can't control what scent your customers are wearing! Second: The cobwebs? Seriously dude?! I can tell you that, yes, that's merely Halloween deco leftover that no one was in a hurry to take down. Third: Enrique mentions the neon Zima sign. OK! Now pay attention: If you come into Pounders and sit at the bar and see the Zima sign, then you haven't walked more than 10 feet into the place! Fourth: He mentions seeing the Dr. Oz show on most of the TVs. Now that says to me that he was in there at the 10 a.m. or 5 p.m. hour on a weekday. I say this simply because I happen to like the Dr. Oz show and know when it airs.

OK, here's where it gets interesting. He goes on to mention a patron named “Mark” and a “bar trick” that Mark shows him. OK, cool, all good and fine. But, then this “Mark” goes on to tell Enrique about how the Pounders got its name. Again, I was a patron myself for many years before working there. And, again, I have been working there for more than three years now. I can tell you, I have no idea who “Mark” is. I have never heard that particular story about how the name “Pounders” came to be. Yes, I have met and see from time to time the owners of Pounders. And still—never heard that story.

OK, having aired my issues with Enrique's perceptions about Pounders, it is my opinion that Enrique should really get to know a place from more than just one visit to write a fair article about any place he might visit in the future!

Michael Nusso, Escondido

This issue of CityBeat is dedicated to Rep. Darrell Issa, who will no longer speak to us even though we came to his defense when John Warren compared him to Hitler on KPBS.


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