Dec. 15 2010 10:20 AM

Our readers tell us what they think about our hip music staff and Darrell Issa

Lame scenesters

It seems the scenester-hip music staff at CityBeat have overlooked another San Diego legend's live show in favor of their flavor of the week once again. Just because a show does not attract every 20-year-old scenester frat girl with a fake I.D. shouldn't mean it's not worthy to make the “If I Were U” column. The Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates show at Bar Pink on Halloween weekend was not even worthy of a mention in CityBeat, even though on the Wednesday before Wilson's show, he was featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Wilson is a national act and a local legend who has called San Diego home since leaving Endicott, N.Y., in the early '80s.

On Nov. 21, the Belly Up tavern was host to the 15-year memorial of a man that basically invented live music in San Diego, Dan McLain, better known as Country Dick Montana. Montana fronted many bands locally, a few with success such as The Pleasure Barons, The Penetrators and The Beat Farmers.

This Country Dick memorial was almost five hours of kick-ass performances by friends and bandmates of Country Dick, all being national acts in their own right. The show featured Dave Alvin (The Blasters, The Knitters), Peter Case (The Plimsouls), Mojo Nixon (Toad Liquors, The Pleasure Barons), Candye Kane, Joey Harris and the Mentals and The Farmers, to name a few. Again City- Beat chose to snub this memorial also without so much as a mention, on a Sunday night no less.

Another interesting thing is the San Diego Music Awards, sponsored largely by CityBeat, calls its Lifetime Achievement Award the Country Dick Montana Lifetime Achievement Award.

This will be the third piece I've written regarding this issue without a reply. Knowing this letter is 100 percent on the money keeps pieces like this in the shit can and off of the Editor's Page.

Carlo Dimaggio, Ocean Beach

Lame congressman

Darrell Issa has been appointed to the chairmanship of the United States House of Representatives Oversight Committee [“Editorial,” Nov. 3]. He recently modified his position after the recent election in that he now states he will use his new authority responsibly. He still maintains that he will conduct about 180 hearings this next calendar year. Mr. Issa doesn't have the character to be in such an important position.

Before the election, Mr. Issa spoke of conducting hearings involving the Obama administration concerning incidents that should not be investigated. An example would be former President Clinton urging on behalf of the administration that a certain politician not run for office but instead take a position in the administration. What really concerns me about Mr. Issa's character is his conduct several years ago when he stood on the United States border one morning with TV cameras rolling and his catching about 50 students from Mexico entering the United States to attend Mountain Empire schools. Mr. Issa's congressional district does not include the Mountain Empire School District. His position of congressman is not a state office. The school is a state entity.

Mr. Issa committed this publicity stunt for his own radical-right politics and he hurt many children in the process. He hurt children who were legally attending school in the Mountain Empire School District as the district lost a lot of state money because of his lack of character. An agreement might have been worked out with the state so that the district's loss of funds because of the student expulsions would not have been so severe. Possibly some of the Mexican resident students might have found families in the United States to live with. As it was, school programs had to be cut back for the remaining students.

Phil Rider, Alpine

This issue of CityBeat is brought to you by people who don't have a crush on Santa Cruz and only some of whom are smoking some kind of drugs (Google “sulk on san diego xtranormal”).


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