Aug. 17 2011 10:37 AM

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Work of the cabal

About your July 13 editorial, “Thanks, Mr. Jacobs, but, no”: Unfortunately, the hastily erected Jacobs / Sanders / Gloria cabal forced a positive vote on a wobbly MOU regarding the misguided Plaza de Panama project, which effectively bars further public input and any fair evaluation of alternative plans, including the fully vetted zoo underground lot, the Balboa Park (also fully vetted) Precise Plan and perhaps a dozen or so citizen / professional group options.

Save Our Heritage Organisation had no choice but to counter the MOU with legal action, not in revenge—please—but to stop a violation of well-established municipal / administrative codes and case law.

These issues need greater transparency because of their potential for long-term physical wounds to Balboa Park, as well as increasing public disgust with systematic misconduct by elected officials.

John Oldencamp, South Park

Attack on District 6

Thank you for your article on redistricting [“End of Round 1,” July 27]. The Asians don't really need a voice because they vote Republican and are represented by the domineering, dominant Republicans anyway, plus they are free to put up a Republican candidate who can win in their district.

The Asians can't get a majority district because they don't all live in compact contiguous neighborhoods like the Hispanics do.

You failed to notice that District 6, Donna Frye's district, North Central Clairemont and Linda Vista, has been broken up into four pieces. And Linda Vista, whose town council, along with Clairemont's, requested to be kept together, has been broken up into three pieces.

In all the districts drawn by this commission, one or more neighborhoods doesn't fit with the dominant interest and needs to be moved. I hope you are wrong that the commission will not redraw their first draft map, because many people are unhappy with it. Please cover the public hearings and keep pressure on the commission to fix their askew map.

The real problem with redistricting is that it's based on census population and should be based on neighborhood and city lines.

Val Sanfilippo, Linda Vista

Way to go, CityBeat

Congratulations on winning three national awards! I just want to let you know that I do actually read your articles about local news. In fact, CityBeat is my only source for local news. I bet you really deserve the awards—although I have to admit that I have little basis for comparison. Keep up the good work!

Heather Campbell, North Park

Raise the retirement age

Regarding your Aug. 3 editorial about the debt-ceiling debate, “Another defeat for progressives”: The problem is entitlement spending. Social Security was created when life spans were less than 70 years. Now, they're 80-plus. If we were to gradually raise the retirement age from 64 to 70, the government could significantly lower taxes and still have a big budget surplus. government jobs with 20 years work, then retire with full-benefits, is ridiculous.The Tea Party Republicans represent a much larger segment of the population than is realized.

Kent Evans, Tampa, Fla.

Feeling bloated

Regarding your Aug. 3 editorial about the debt-ceiling debate, “Another defeat for progressives”: Conservatives don't view government as evil. Many government services are vital. But our government has become so bloated, inefficient and wasteful that something has to be done. Simply raising taxes is not the answer (however, real tax reform would do a lot). Controlling spending is the first step. I don't know why many liberals seem to not understand this.

Steve Taylor, Dension, Texas


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