Aug. 17 2016
Of the hundreds of submissions we received this year, here are a few that we all agreed had something magical going on
Aug. 10 2016
We, in San Diego, are blessed with a wealth of ethnic options, many of the best of which fly under the radar. There is, of course, a part of me that really wants to keep them to myself, but such is public...
Aug. 9 2016
I'm gonna die anyway so yeah, I'm gonna eat a whole pizza. Regional pie places such as Luigi's (New York-style) and Lucky's (Chicago-style) deservedly get a lot of love, but Napoleone's Pizza House (619...
Aug. 9 2016
I'd start with my favorite bar drink from recent years of tippling—the off-menu Bee's Knees at Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant (2202 Fourth Ave.)
Aug. 9 2016
My preferred octopus dish—and this is a tough choice—is the octopus tostada at Galaxy Taco in La Jolla (2259 Avenida de la Playa)
Aug. 9 2016
No doubt, Luigi's Pizza (1137 25th St.) is the best in San Diego. Its thin crust is conducive to rolling like a taco—a mark of a great slice
Aug. 9 2016
Carrot aguachile of callo de hacha, ahi and smoked trout roePhoto by Michael Gardiner My parents always suspected it might come to this. It just didn't happen the way they thought. I mean, I've
Aug. 3 2016
The heart of University Heights, though, is a steadfast spot for locals who bask in a lingering small town feel. They park themselves at the token dive bars, chatting away while crafting, practicing magic...
July 6 2016
There’s one word often used to describe Hillcrest: fabulous. It’s proudly flaunted by residents and written in rainbow across advertisements. This neighborhood is known for its personalities...
June 1 2016
Ocean Beach resembles Pacific Beach in that both seaside towns are defined by sandy feet and enforced acronyms, in this case: OB. But, that's about it. Interchange the stereotype of PB bros with OB bohemians,...
May 17 2016
By the time you read this, you'll have just barely missed the Ocean Beach Kite Festival, San Diego's premier gathering of people with serious Ben Franklin envy. Still, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy...
May 17 2016
You know those friends who "love" camping, but when you've found your plot, they don't know how to construct a tent? And then, they wonder where the bathrooms are
May 17 2016
Take a detour through some of the curvy residential streets in Mission Hills and you might unexpectedly find yourself in front of what looks like the work of Edward Scissorhands
May 17 2016
When is the last time you went down a huge waterslide slightly buzzed on beers rimmed with chamoy and Tajin? The answer might be years, yesterday or never
May 3 2016
It's not Pacific Beach, it's PB. Anyone who says otherwise isn't a local or hasn't romped around its raucous streets enough. T
April 6 2016
If something seems fishy in San Diego, it's not the beach. It's Little Italy, the former hub of the world's once-leading tuna industry
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.38.41 PM
March 29 2016
An artist, a writer and a branding expert walk into a bar... But seriously, it's no secret that beer is big business in San Diego and nothing can make or break that business more than the logo
March 28 2016
Agreeing to compile a roundup of just five San Diego dive beer bars is akin to asking to be crucified
March 28 2016
Coinciding with the arrival of the world’s most famous roaming brewer (Mikkeller’s Mikkel Borg Bjergsø), San Diego has lost one of its native sons to the call of gypsy brewing in Australia
March 28 2016
The latest tally of brewhouses in San Diego County is 121, with another 26 planned or in the works. As with so many other industries that are prone to boom-and-bust cycles, it’s only natural to wonder...
Is it really so shocking to be told that minors are prohibited after a certain hour when you visit a pub/brewery? Apparently so


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