Feb. 9 2016
Spritzr connects to Facebook so friends can suggest matches for others, allowing a personalized touch that also feeds into the life-meddling, stalker-like online tendencies of which we're all guilty
Feb. 9 2016
On a drunk, lonely Saturday night in 2011, I found myself staring at my laptop, logged onto and debating whether or not to purchase The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists....
Feb. 9 2016
A few years ago, Morgan, a 53-year-old living in Vista, chose to give up her 25-year marriage and a successful career as a consultant and realtor to focus on getting the most out of her sexual life. To...
Feb. 9 2016
The story of Aaron Thompson's career in pornographic films is actually quite a romantic one. It's the kind of story that might make for an excellent rom-com one day, albeit a decidedly R-rated one
Feb. 3 2016
Despite being the hub of many a drunken adventure, downtown San Diego is maturing into adulthood. The urban core still scares some, but like most unknowns, familiarity eventually breeds appreciation or...
Jan. 6 2016
North Park leans on Balboa Park’s right-hand shoulder, catty-corner from downtown, and for a time donned a black sheep rep compared to San Diego’s beachy counterparts
Dec. 16 2015
There will be blowouts galore on Dec. 31 as San Diego bids farewell to the year that was 2015. No two people want to spend New Year’s Eve the same way, so we’ve panned for gold and mined a...
Nov. 24 2015
What a devilish contest. The annual Fiction 101 Challenge asks entrants to paint a scene or tell a story using no more than 101 words (title not included)
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Antique Shop Ocean Beach Antique Mall Honorable Mention: La Mesa Antique Mall, India Street Antiques, Antique Warehouse, Ark Antiques BEST Arts & Crafts Store Artist & Craftsman
best of web image
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Auto Repair Shop Lee’s Auto Repair Honorable Mention: British Car Repair, Smitty’s Service, Boulevard Automotive, The Pit Stop BEST Car Wash Body Beautiful Honorable Mention: Prestige...
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Annual San Diego Music Event Adams Avenue Street Fair Honorable Mention: Gator by the Bay, San Diego Symphony Summer Pops, San Diego Jazz Festival, CRSSD Fest BEST CD / Record Store (New) Lou’s...
best of web image
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Barber Shop Floyd’s 99 Barbershop Honorable Mention: Mister Browns, BarberSide, Capitol Barbershop, The Urban Shave BEST Chiropractor Spence Chiropractic Honorable Mention: Good Vibrations Family...
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Bagel Shop Crown Point Coffee Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Bagel Company, Big City Bagel, Mess Royale Poutine and Bagels, PL Bagels BEST Bakery Bread & Cie Honorable Mention: D.Z. Akin’s,...
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Accounting Firm San Diego Tax Man Honorable Mention: Invictus Advisors, Lindsay & Brownell, LLP, Gatto Pope and Walwick, Blum and Clarke BEST Beach in San Diego County Coronado Honorable Mention:...
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Bar to Play Pool Silver Fox Honorable Mention: The Alibi, Bluefoot Bar & Lounge, Jolt’n Joe’s, Society Billiards Cafe & Bar BEST Beach Bar Wonderland Honorable Mention: PB Shore...
Oct. 14 2015
BEST Annual Event (non-music) Comic-Con Honorable Mention: San Diego County Fair, San Diego Beer Week, San Diego Pride, The Holiday Bowl BEST Annual Charity Event Art Alive Honorable Mention: San Diego...
Oct. 13 2015
San Diego isn't always kind to cyclists. While bicycling advocacy within the city has strengthened—due, in large part, to the tireless work of BikeSD and progressive city government—we still...
Oct. 13 2015
Narvalo Ice Cream & Gelato (2205 S. Melrose Dr.), way deep in suburban Vista, is a charming little family-run shop serving ice cream, imported Italian gelato and air conditioning
Oct. 13 2015
Stepping into the place, it’s hard to get over how small the space is, but North Park real estate ain’t cheap these days. Still, the owner has packed in a nice amount of cool swag, including...
Oct. 13 2015
Previously in the heart of Normal Heights, now on its fringe (3220 Adams Ave.), what Villainous Lair Comics has lost in central location, it has made up in size and, most importantly, maintained in personality


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