Nov. 30 2016
Writing a heartfelt or poignant tale in just 101 words is like painting an entire mural with just one can of spray paint. That is, it takes a lot of improvisation and creativity
Nov. 9 2016
La Jolla hosts the northernmost coastline of the city of San Diego with stereotypes of golden sands, tanned skins and stuffed wallets
Oct. 26 2016
As the executive director of TransFamily Support Services and parent of a transgender son, Kathie Moehlig knows a thing or two about the challenges families with gender nonconforming members face
Oct. 26 2016
Women are more than plot device characters for the story arc of men, they're more than visually appealing caricatures, and in the real world deserve equal treatment and respect, not harassment or patronization,...
Oct. 26 2016
Modern Times has become a globally known name for its beer as much as its hip aesthetic, but it's the brewery's cultural ethos that resonates with craft beer fans and employees alike
Oct. 26 2016
Chat with Omar Passons about craft beer or bikes, and you'll be impressed with his knowledge. Get him talking about youth in San Diego, however, and you'll be blown away by his passion
Oct. 26 2016
Monica Schroeder is barely in her 30s, but she has already found her "life project." As founder of the border nonprofit organization Tijuana Te Quiero, she's dedicating her time and efforts to dignifying...
Oct. 25 2016
We're lucky to have Nicole Capretz, founder of the Climate Action Campaign, a San Diego nonprofit with the singular goal of stopping climate change
Oct. 25 2016
He says it got to the point where he wasn't going to be able to look at himself in the mirror every morning if he didn't throw his hat into the ring
Oct. 25 2016
No pressure on Chris Ward. He only has to step into his new District 3 seat on the San Diego City Council and replace one of the most popular Democrats—termed-out councilmember Todd Gloria—in...
Oct. 25 2016
Imperial Beach faces plenty of unique challenges: rising sea levels, crumbling infrastructure and pollution from the nearby border. Not that Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina is fazed by his city's obstacles
Oct. 25 2016
Passion, poetry and pride emanate from Nate Howard, a young and ambitious social entrepreneur who set out to redefine the way people share their stories
Oct. 25 2016
These days, not only is Justin Hudnall a respected local writer, but he empowers other artists through his literary and performing arts nonprofit, So Say We All
Oct. 25 2016
Adept at VHS videography, modeling, music and more, San Diego artist Julian Klincewicz is usually on the road for work
Oct. 25 2016
"I think it's important an artist doesn't wait to be discovered," says Anna Stump, whose proactive attitude shows in each medium she's tackled
Oct. 25 2016
Melinda Chiment traveled the world doing development work but yearned to come home to San Diego and work at AjA Project
Oct. 25 2016
Ann Berchtold supports San Diego art. She's the producer of several local art shows and the founder of Art San Diego, the city's first and only annual contemporary art fair
Oct. 25 2016
Eric Howarth started his M-Theory record label in San Francisco after taking a self-imposed hiatus from band life. Following a tech job to San Diego, he re-appropriated his label's name and opened the...
Oct. 25 2016
If you see a lot of live music in San Diego, there's a good chance you've seen Xavier Vasquez's work, possibly without even realizing it
Oct. 25 2016
This beloved veteran drummer is a longtime staple of the San Diego music scene. From his first gig opening for P.O.D. as part of a Christian hardcore band, to his ongoing role behind the kit for a multitude...


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