Aug. 27 2012
"We wanted to know if you would join us for ice cream." Andrew Zimmern perked, his face lighting up with a big smile. "Yes. Yes, I would."
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Aug. 6 2012
The closest experience I've had to Ukrainian cuisine is a handful of Russian dishes, including a vodka-soaked banquet, but I can't say much other than that it was delicious
July 16 2012
Nestled in a quiet part of Solana Beach near the library, Rudy's boasts usual suspects like burritos and enchiladas. However, there's a section labeled "street tacos" that includes carne asada, carnitas,...
June 25 2012
My introduction to Filipino food was at a potluck at my first job. I was delighted by the homemade pancit (stir-fried rice noodles), chicken adobo (stewed in a soy sauce and vinegar-based sauce) and lumpia...
June 11 2012
Dough wrapped around filling is a common theme in many cuisines. The filling can be meat-based or not; the dough can be crisp pastry or chewy wrappers
May 14 2012
I became acquainted with Rachel Caygill's desserts after a three-month stint preparing for a standardized test. Some sixth sense had me ordering pie, with cherries baked soft, but still toothsome and soaked...
April 23 2012
The interior is warm, with a bar where you can sip coffee, chat with the friendly folks preparing your drink and relax
March 26 2012
Before it came along, I didn't appreciate pizza crust. It was merely a carrier for whatever was on top
March 12 2012
I always start with the daily flavored popcorn. One popular flavor is Gruyere cheese and ham, which combines a very American snack with very French flavors
Feb. 27 2012
When I met Rayle, it wasn't as a food writer; it was as a coffee geek and longtime customer who finally got to meet the brains behind the operation
Feb. 13 2012
The place was bustling, the people pretty, and I threaded my way through groups of friends enjoying happy hour and a handful of guys showboating at the bar
Jan. 30 2012
Valentine's Day, no matter what it means, is a day for confections, and I took on the arduous task of sampling goodies from a handful of proprietors
Jan. 16 2012
Yakyudori's lunch menu is one of its strengths, combining a bowl of ramen with something extra each day
Jan. 2 2012
I received one of those letters a while ago—the one from my doctor that very politely told me to get off my ass and eat healthier because my cholesterol level needed improvement. Since this is my
Dec. 19 2011
While I have yet to encounter a bad dish at Amaya, all of the great dishes I've had are outdone by the center-cut rotisserie pork chop
Dec. 5 2011
Dumpling Inn can be considered a Kearny Mesa institution. Small, with about 10 tables and a long wait, it serves a variety of dishes with a focus on northern Chinese cuisine
Nov. 21 2011
All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ has become popular enough that it's referred to as AYCE. You know something's made it big when it becomes an acronym
Nov. 7 2011
The restaurant is cozy; we were seated on the covered patio decorated with dark wood and brightly colored pillows
Oct. 24 2011
Ah, a good milkshake. Creamy, cold and, like the blend it is, a mixture of flavors—chocolate syrup with vanilla ice cream or avocados pureed with just a touch of sugar
Oct. 4 2011
Sometimes lunch has to be delicious and quick, so I like to drop by Tea Garden (4685 Convoy St., Suite 110) for takeout. I only have one dish there: the pork stew rice, with less-than-lean pork minced...


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