Nov. 28 2016
The latest installment of Black Candies, an annual anthology of literary horror and dark fiction published here in San Diego by the literary nonprofit So Say We All, is titled Gross and Unlikeable and...
Nov. 14 2016
What makes The Haunted Looking Glass, originally published in 1959, unique is that Gorey not only chose the stories but also provided a black-and-white illustration for each selection
Oct. 31 2016
In the opening story of Jen George's debut collection The Babysitter at Rest, released last month from publishing project Dorothy, a woman of 33 falls under the influence of The Guide, who offers sta
Oct. 17 2016
Looking for a book that delivers chills and thrills this Halloween season but don't have a lot of time? Here are two new novellas that take less time to read than it does to re-watch Friday the 13th
Oct. 3 2016
Gina Frangello's new novel, Every Kind of Wanting, published last month by Counterpoint, is a wolf in sheep's clothing
Sept. 19 2016
Even if you're familiar with the earnest yet offbeat work of Johnston, Cavolo and McClanahan, there's no way to prepare yourself for the visions you'll find between the covers of The Incantations of Daniel...
Aug. 30 2016
In Transitory, Tobias Carroll's stellar debut collection of stories from Civil Coping Mechanisms, art is the dark star around which its satellites of broken artists orbit
Aug. 8 2016
When Walt Whitman famously wrote, "I contain multitudes" in Song of Myself, he was speaking metaphorically. But Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon's everyman, truly did contain a multitude of personas, and you don't...
July 6 2016
What if I told you that the best of these new books chronicles the highs and lows of the band NOFX? Yes, NOFX. The band responsible for songs such as “My Vagina” and “Don’t Call...
June 13 2016
The Vegetarian, which won the prestigious Man Booker Prize earlier this year, opens with a young married woman's refusal to eat meat
May 16 2016
Summer is a great time to catch up on the books piling up on the bedside table. Because the summer, or at least the early months, can be gray and gloomy in San Diego, here are a few books I've enjoyed
April 25 2016
Sara Majka upends these stereotypes in her haunting collection of linked short stories, Cities I've Never Lived In, published by Graywolf earlier this year
April 4 2016
Have you ever read a book that failed to make an impression on you the first time you read it, but then the book came back to you right when you were ready for it?
March 14 2016
That's no idle threat in Muslim's oeuvre where there are many things more terrifying than a disease that causes body parts to disappear
Feb. 29 2016
Brian Evenson's astonishing new collection from Coffee House Press, A Collapse of Horses, coincides with the re-release of three previous works: the much heralded novels Father of Lies, Open Curtain and...
Feb. 8 2016
Speak is not a traditional love story. It's not a traditional anything. It's a fractured novel by Louisa Hall told from multiple points of view by a host of interconnected characters across great distances...
Jan. 25 2016
In Elizabeth Marro's tremendous debut novel Casualties, San Diego becomes a battleground fought by the men and women behind the scenes of America's military efforts in the Middle East. Ruth No
Dec. 29 2015
In 2015 I read exactly 91 books: 45 were authored by women, 45 by men, and one was a collaboration. While I covered a great many in the pages of The Floating Library, here's a look at a few of my fav
Dec. 7 2015
When I was in the Navy, I learned that if I were to get a sunburn so severe that it interfered with my ability to do my job, I could be prosecuted under the terms of the Uniform Code of Military Justice...
Nov. 16 2015
Lately I've been listening to a lot of books on Audible.com, the largest audio book producer and retailer in the United States. I pay a flat monthly fee and accumulate credits that I can save or spen


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