Feb. 13 2013
Bill Horn, marijuana, Occupy SD, Zany-Zane and Gary Kreep were among our beloved staff writer's favorite topics.
Jan. 30 2013
Who is the current Assembly member for District 79? Plus more questions involving prominent African-American San Diegans.
Jan. 23 2013
A list of the six FDA-approved vaccines. Now, get vaccinated.
Jan. 16 2013
How much for metal and wood barricades, lapel-mics, and commercial truck driver's license training?
Jan. 9 2013
Which secretary was the subject of the 2003 Oscar-winning documentary Fog of War?
Jan. 2 2013
Can you tell the difference between an Uzi and a Striker 12?
Dec. 19 2012
How much sugar is in a standard-sized candy cane? Which toys are potentially dangerous? Happy holidays!
Dec. 12 2012
Hint: there are 13 dwarves, one hobbit and one wizard
Dec. 5 2012
The new mayor's brain is a labyrinth! (But with less David Bowie and more focus on neighborhoods).
Nov. 28 2012
Flashlights, double-cotton-crotch underwear and pavement markings all won bids from San Diego County
Nov. 21 2012
Can you tell the difference between a chevron and a Fu-Manchu?
Nov. 14 2012
Six local politicians are hidden in the crossword puzzle.
Nov. 7 2012
How much do you know about the Leathernecks?
Oct. 31 2012
Musicians know stuff about politics too!
Oct. 24 2012
Cardboard ballot boxes, sandals, and cargo vans are among the winning bids
Oct. 17 2012
What year did Isaac Newton predict that end times would begin?
Oct. 10 2012
Find the FDA's recalled foods in our word search.
Oct. 3 2012
Which third-party candidate chose a rapper to be his running mate?
Sept. 25 2012
Celebrate Mexican Heritage Month by filling in our mini-crossword
Sept. 19 2012
San Diego County contract bids on a rowing machine, a 2012 Ford F250, 60,336 inmate hygiene kits, and 500 wood sign posts


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