Feb. 10 2016
The members of Chicago’s Meat Wave had their collective minds blown by the rebellious sounds of punk at a young age. In a phone interview, guitarist and vocalist Chris Sutter remembers the time and...
Feb. 3 2016
The extra work paid off, as Dark Arc was a breakthrough for Saintseneca, garnering positive reviews from outlets such as American Songwriter and NPR, which called the album “the product of intense...
Jan. 26 2016
Julia Holter readily admits she isn't a huge fan of touring. Perhaps she's only saying that because the L.A. singer/songwriter is currently enjoying the waning days of a six-week break between exten
Jan. 20 2016
The opening track on Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, the third album by All Them Witches, could sound like it was a carefully planned product of focused writing and collaboration
Jan. 13 2016
Back in June of last year, long-running weekly UK music magazine NME got ahold of The Gloomies’ debut single “LSD,” months before it was even officially released, and named them Buzz...
Jan. 5 2016
Josh Ritter spends a couple minutes and a few hundred words trying to describe how his new album, Sermon On the Rocks, differs from its predecessor, 2013's The Beast In Its Tracks, and how the man who...
Dec. 29 2015
By the time you've read this article, chances are you've already made your way through quite a few year-end lists. But we can't put 2015 to bed without offering our own personal picks for the best album...
Dec. 22 2015
Luna play the type of dreamy, albeit catchy songs that music snobs pride themselves on having discovered before anyone else did. So it's a wonder that the New York indie-rockers—more than two decad
Dec. 15 2015
Vince Staples is more candid than most people. The 22-year-old Long Beach rapper doesn't mince words. He doesn't bullshit or talk in euphemisms. "I'm just trying to be honest," he says
Dec. 9 2015
Ghostface Killah is the Wu-Tang Clan’s most prolific emcee. The Staten Island microphone killer (killah?) has released 14 studio albums since debuting with Ironman in 1996
Dec. 1 2015
About 20 minutes into our conversation, Birdy Bardot starts talking about going record shopping at swap meets
Nov. 24 2015
Alex Capella performs and records under the name Bakkuda. She also stands apart from much of the music that characterizes San Diego. In a scene heavy on guitar-based indie rock, Capella is a performer...
Nov. 18 2015
When it came time to start writing songs for their third album, the members of Seattle-based punk/metal band Black Breath ran into some trouble: their own ambition and artistic restlessness
Nov. 11 2015
Yo La Tengo just might be the best cover band in America. There’s just one catch: They’re not actually a cover band. For 31 years, the Hoboken, New Jersey, band has been steadily amassing a...
Nov. 4 2015
It’s apparent within a few moments of speaking with Leon Bridges that the cool he exudes is genuine. The singer/songwriter’s subtle southern drawl and off-the-cuff humility are infectious
Oct. 28 2015
The first sound you hear on Windhand's new album Grief's Infernal Flower is the comforting crackle of fire. The second sound is one familiar to fans of the Richmond-based five-piece: an electric guitar
Oct. 21 2015
Flipper’s reputation precedes them. The San Francisco punk band became legends for their slow-churning, noise-addled sound, which mixes a DIY hardcore spirit with a penchant for feedback and the...
Oct. 13 2015
San Diego is a town of perpetual sunshine, but it casts a long shadow. This is no surprise to those who have dwelled in the dank corners of San Diego's musical community
Oct. 7 2015
At its best, metal can provide a form of escapism that few other musical genres can. There's an inherently cathartic aspect to music played loud, fast and heavy
Sept. 30 2015
The votes have been cast, the social media campaigns have run their course and soon we'll find out who will take home trophies at the 25th anniversary San Diego Music Awards ceremony


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