May 24 2016
In more than 25 years of performing and writing music, North Carolina singer/songwriter Eric Bachmann has only released two albums under his own name
May 18 2016
There's a tired bit of conventional wisdom about how The Cure’s music resonates most strongly with teenagers
May 10 2016
It's tempting to call the 47-year-old's recent succession of acclaimed solo albums a career renaissance. However, Grant sees it more as a grand coming-out party
May 3 2016
The first time a Beyoncé song saved me, I was 24 and had broken up with my high school sweetheart. Two weeks later, we were technically back together. Like most things, it was Kanye's fault
April 27 2016
Mosquito. That’s the name Chicago post-rock pioneers Tortoise went by at the beginning of their career. Not exactly an image that conjures the longevity and sturdiness that’s been synonymous...
April 19 2016
Older, maybe, but Black Mountain hasn't softened a bit. Playing music in your 12th year as a band versus your second, however, requires thinking differently about your approach
April 12 2016
The more famous Bombino becomes, the more sharply that fame contrasts the modest personality of Nigerien guitarist Omara Moctar. But that's working within the premise that Moctar and Bombino are one
April 6 2016
Jordan Smith is ready to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done when your band is named Diarrhea Planet
March 29 2016
A stereotype of rock 'n' roll that existed many years ago was that of a non-stop party. Playing music for a living meant being rewarded with backstage trysts with groupies and cocaine, and bran
March 22 2016
Santi White is nearing the end of her proverbial rope. She's overworked, bone-tired and making a concerted effort not to burn out. But mostly, the artist known as Santigold is wondering just how long she...
March 15 2016
There’s no better way to get to know the pulse of a music scene than to listen to dozens and dozens of demos from local bands. For CityBeat, the Great Demo Review is an annual institution—a...
March 14 2016
The album title says it all: You're Doomed. Be Nice. In fact, it's hard to think of a more appropriate, career-encapsulating mantra when it comes to Rob Crow. In a career that's well into its third
March 14 2016
There isn't much that Brian Ellis won't do, musically, simply because there aren't many styles of music that don't capture his interest
March 8 2016
Jessy Lanza is an unlikely pop star. The 30-year-old native of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, tends to disappear into her work. Her voice is expressive, but ethereal, its sweetly harmonious tones fusing w
March 2 2016
With Magma currently touring again in the U.S., the time felt right to revisit some of their greatest works, and to offer up a five-song introduction to their broad musical palette and vast array of sounds
Feb. 23 2016
Julien Baker, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Memphis whose debut solo album Sprained Ankle, released last year by 6131 Records, is as deeply engaging as it is devastatingly sad
Feb. 16 2016
Adeline Michèle is enjoying some rare downtime. The French-born vocalist for Brooklyn disco collective Escort is emerging from a year spent working on new album Animal Nature, which they self-released...
Feb. 10 2016
The members of Chicago’s Meat Wave had their collective minds blown by the rebellious sounds of punk at a young age. In a phone interview, guitarist and vocalist Chris Sutter remembers the time and...
Feb. 3 2016
The extra work paid off, as Dark Arc was a breakthrough for Saintseneca, garnering positive reviews from outlets such as American Songwriter and NPR, which called the album “the product of intense...
Jan. 26 2016
Julia Holter readily admits she isn't a huge fan of touring. Perhaps she's only saying that because the L.A. singer/songwriter is currently enjoying the waning days of a six-week break between exten


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