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April 28 2015
Under a bridge near the Tijuana River, Carlos lay in a puddle of his own piss and shit. He was emaciated, too weak to sit up, and his friends said he'd been severely jaundiced in the days prior
April 21 2015
The International Society of Near Death Studies meets across the parking lot from the County Psychiatric Hospital, inside the Health and Human Services building
April 6 2015
There are layers upon layers when it comes to the figurative works of Helen Redman. So many stories, so many voices.
March 31 2015
There's an A&E show that's been on for a couple of weeks called The Returned. Skip it. Instead, watch Les Revenants, the French TV show it's based on
March 24 2015
Sara Solaimani isn't Mexican. Not even close. That might be racially insensitive to point out within certain contexts, but in the case of Solaimani, it's understandable that some might mistake her for...
March 10 2015
As the director of programming for both KPBS radio and television, John Decker is the guy to either blame or thank for switching up your local public-media-consumption routine
March 3 2015
Standing in the central courtyard of the new North Park Post Office Lofts mixed-use development, the scene is reminiscent of M.C. Escher's famed "Relativity" print depicting several zigzagging sets of...
Feb. 24 2015
Gaidi Finnie's the chief operating officer at Bayview Baptist Church, but he has a long background in the arts. He spent a few years at a fine-art gallery in La Jolla before moving to the Museum of Photographic...
Feb. 17 2015
Hatsune Miku, a so-called "vocaloid"a character that personifies vocal-singing synthesizer softwareisn't just a representation of one person or even the company, Crypton Future Media, that created her....
Feb. 3 2015
It seems to be an exciting time for the San Diego standup and improv scene. Egan points out that when he first started, there was only one major comedy club and maybe a few coffeehouse open-mics that welcomed...
Jan. 27 2015
Death café, according to deathcafe.com, is a discussion group where the only topic is death; no agenda, objectives or themes. It is not a grief support or counseling session. At a Death Café,...
Jan. 23 2015
Last week, dozens of people lined up outside the University Art Gallery at UCSD. Some mightve been there to experience Marina Abramovi?s rough draft of an audio installation she created with science-fiction...
Jan. 14 2015
Greenfield hasnt showered since April 20, 2013he doesnt want to waste water, so he swims in the ocean instead. Hes almost always barefoot and often clad in outdoor clothing by Patagonia, a company thats...
Jan. 7 2015
After the announcement last March that Balboa Park Celebration Inc. (BPCI), the nonprofit group charged with organizing the centennial, was disbanding and handing the reins to the city after burning through...
Dec. 29 2014
For this look back at the most compelling art and exhibitions in San Diego during the last year, I asked a handful of artists, curators and critics to do most of the heavy lifting. But I couldn't help...
Dec. 22 2014
Five men from the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS) recently set out on an important mission: Find the best location in San Diego for hosting their trade association's 22nd Annual Santa Reunion
Dec. 10 2014
Nianda and Boyer have been screening The Nigga Project Experience and hosting community discussions at barbecue restaurants, hair salons, libraries and community centers throughout southeastern...
Dec. 2 2014
Dana Springs, who twice in the past few years stepped out of her 12-year role as manager of the commissions public-art program to serve as the commissions interim director, was officially named the executive...
Nov. 19 2014
CityBeat staff recommends its current media obsessions, including pop culture, podcasts, books, web series, and apps
Nov. 12 2014
Diana Duvals eccentricities abound. She embodies her art and wears only red and blackmostly clothes and quirky hats she designs and fabricates herself.


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