March 6 2015
Still, the Yakitori menu's porky offerings are the most tantalizing. Tender and lined with chewy, bursting bits of fat, the pork neck is richly flavorful
Feb. 20 2015
My summer fling with the Liege waffle four years ago was a sweet affair. Dense and chewy with a thin sugar crust, the waffle effortlessly colonized breakfast, lunch and dinner during my week in Brussels
Feb. 6 2015
There's something fishy about Blue Water Grill. Maybe it's because the seafood market and grill only doles out fish. You won't find a token cheeseburger or pork chop on the menu
Jan. 23 2015
I visited Pan Bon on Day 3 of its new life-my server said Luciano and Giancarlo recently shuttered the Verona branch. I didn't expect the place to be busy, and it wasn't
Jan. 9 2015
Mere mention of kale doesn't cause eyebrows to rise in confusion, and restaurants serving up vegan, gluten-free fare are no longer the oddballs. Take Trilogy Sanctuary, which opened recently in La Jolla...
Dec. 26 2014
El Salvador Pupuseria & Restaurant is loud and messy on a Sunday night. Each tabletop bears its very own, perfectly unique constellation of chip crumbs
Dec. 12 2014
My late grandfather, stubbornly devoted to his usual breakfast of thick-sliced ham, sunny-side-up eggs and hash browns, would find the brunch menu at Table No. 10 aggravating
Nov. 28 2014
Charlie Boghosian is the king of deep-fried food. It's a well-deserved title, considering the ever-growing list of foods Boghosian has dunked in a deep fryer throughout his decades-long career
Nov. 14 2014
Few sentences fill me with more anxiety than "Pass the chocolate." Though an early adopter of the mom-administered "sharing is caring" mantra, I struggle to part ways with the sweet stuff
Nov. 7 2014
On a sun-scorched twist of University Avenue, beneath a cloudless blue sky, sits Trieu Chau. The restaurant's faded exterior and barred windows begin a visual story that develops inside
Oct. 31 2014
The menu at Leilani's reflects Hawaii's cross-cultural cuisine, shaped by the immigrant groups that began arriving in the late 19th century.
Oct. 24 2014
Saja Korean Kitchen is young and bright-eyed and eager to improve
Oct. 10 2014
Don't take your borderline-vegetarian, quinoa-adoring, sodium-shunning friends to Hillcrest's Salt & Cleaver.
Oct. 3 2014
While traveling through Istanbul a few summers ago, I noticed something peculiar: tea drinkers everywhere-at all hours-despite the city's three-digit temperatures
Sept. 26 2014
Located in the southeastern San Diego neighborhood of Ridgeview-Webster (1754 Euclid Ave.), Faridas East Africa Cuisine is a family-run, self-labeled "bistro" that relies on the grit of its matriarch-a...
Sept. 12 2014
Opened in late June, the Mexican-influenced restaurant (3000 Upas St.) offers traditional and non-traditional street-style tacos
Aug. 28 2014
Husband-and-wife duo Constantine and Sofi Coss opened Barleyanfigs this past January. Chef Sofi helms the kitchen, preparing classic Greek fare like spinach-stuffed spanakopita and grilled gyros served...
Aug. 15 2014
The "neatloaf" served at Jyoti-Bihanga (3351 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights) is the restaurant's most iconic dish and its best seller
Aug. 1 2014
Classic Creole dishes like jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish étouffée and shrimp creole are appropriately served with a wedge of French baguette
July 18 2014
On Sundays, Hanna's Gourmet in University Heights is open until 3 p.m., giving late risers a shot at microwave-free nourishment (2864 Adams Ave.)


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