Oct. 30 2013
Halloween night has a lot to offer. If you find yourself Downtown among the sexy nurses and Miley Cyruses and feel the need to escape, El Dorado Cocktail Lounge (1030 Broadway) will throw The Munsters...
Oct. 16 2013
I pride myself of being a lady of various tastes and interests. Variety never hurt anyone, I say. In the spirit of keeping it random and fun, here are three nocturnal happenings that sound like a good...
Oct. 9 2013
One of my favorite things about the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation-and there are a lot-is Ron Swanson's smooth-jazz sax-man alter-ego Duke Silver (both awesomely played by Nick Offerman)
Oct. 2 2013
First, The Void (3519 El Cajon Blvd. in City Heights) introduces a new hardcore-rap night to the mix. B.Y.S., which I can only assume stands for "Butt-shaking? Yes, Sir!," kicks off Thursday,...
Sept. 11 2013
Sunday, Aug. 25, was a sad day for club rats. Miley Cyrus' poor twerking skills, showcased during her performance on MTV's Video Music Awards, threatened to make the booty-popping dance move epically uncool
Sept. 4 2013
A good rap night ain't nothin' to fuck with. I mean, twerking is pretty much dead, thanks to Miley Cyrus' embarrassing popping skills, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dip it low on a dance floor to...
Aug. 28 2013
Having a job blows. I envy trust-fund kids who are so flush with cash that they can have "jobs" like "wardrobe consultant" or "candle designer."
Aug. 21 2013
You've heard the old "women be shopping" joke. I mean, yes. Women do be shopping, but let's be fair. Everyone be shopping. It's not like men are walking around wearing burlap sacks...
Aug. 14 2013
It's nice when new stuff pops up in the local bar scene. While I enjoy a glass of wine (or six) while watching one (or four) episodes of [insert TV show title here], putting on pants and checking out a...
Aug. 7 2013
During my luxurious vacation, I got to check out a fun luau thrown at a small restaurant in Kauai. With a mouthful of macaroni salad and roasted pig, I watched Polynesian dancers put even the best twerker...
July 24 2013
It's always exciting when a new bar or nightclub opens. Even though our old stand-by bars fit like the worn-out pajama pants we've had since college, those same pajamas sometimes make us look like a slob
July 17 2013
Downtown will be popping off during Comic-Con weekend, with bars and clubs filled to the rafters with people in town for the convention. For those visiting, two things: 1) Welcome! San Diego appreciates...
July 10 2013
CityBeat headquarters is not air-conditioned. The sweltering heat leads us sweaty staffers to daydream about swimming in refreshing pools, drinking pints of frosty beer and writing our stories with...
July 3 2013
If you're still lying in bed, distraught over last year's Fourth of July fireworks let down, don't fret. The 2012 Big Bay Boom turned into a premature bigbang bust, but the city's not going to let that...
June 18 2013
Anniversaries are hard to remember. I'm definitely guilty of buying emergency Taco Bell after realizing I forgot a loved one's birthday. Taco Bell is a good gift, right?
June 12 2013
Art and alcohol have a strange relationship. Even the crappiest velvet painting of Elvis riding a dinosaur looks amazing under the influence of the good sauce
May 21 2013
Memorial Day weekend is a holiday when Americans honor the brave soldiers who died in the name of the United States and freedom
May 15 2013
San Diego's jazz scene is surprisingly poppin'. I say "surprisingly" because whenever I think of jazz, or, rather, good jazz, I imagine it happening in cool underground nightclubs full of cigarette...
May 8 2013
I know that it's all about craft or vintage cocktails nowadays. Cocktail snobs get a big ol' boner drinking a concoction made from a recipe found in a book printed in 1845
May 1 2013
Contrary to popular belief, Mexicans who live in Mexico don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Growing up in Tijuana, I never saw a single Mexican flag strapped to a pickup truck roaring through stop signs and...


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