Dec. 16 2015
There will be blowouts galore on Dec. 31 as San Diego bids farewell to the year that was 2015. No two people want to spend New Year’s Eve the same way, so we’ve panned for gold and mined a...
Dec. 17 2014
This year, we decided to be concise with our guide to New Year's Eve happenings around town. There are just too many events citywide to be comprehensive, so we carefully curated and cherry-picked some...
clocksy 1
Dec. 17 2013
Mind you, this is not a comprehensive list. For example, if Clocksy simply wants an early three-course prix-fixe dinner before hittin' the pillow at 10 p.m., there are lots of restaurants doing just that,...
Dec. 19 2012
Now matter what your resolutions are this holiday season, we have you covered with 100 options for your partying pleasure. We've organized the events loosely around "Dancing," "Drinks," "Dinner" and "Activities,"...
Dec. 21 2011
From butt-shaking parties and champagne toasts to family fun and cheap thrills, our New Year's Eve Guide has a dozen different categories and 78 choices to help you navigate your way to 2012
Dec. 29 2010
I celebrated the beginning of 2010 atop a 10,748-foot mountain in Colorado. My friends and I cross-country skied to a secluded location and watched the full moon rise over fresh white snow. Sound nice?...
Dec. 22 2010
SPECIAL EVENTS, CASINOS AND DINNERS ALCHEMY 1503 30th St., South Park. The stylish bistro offers a threecourse dinner for $38, or $52 with wine pairings—plus a midnight champagne toast. alchemysandiego.com....
Dec. 22 2009
Well, these aren't exactly the best of times, but celebrate anyway—that's an order
Dec. 30 2008
San Diego's New Year's Eve parties
Dec. 18 2007
Where to bring in the new year
Feb. 16 2005
Feedback from our readers
Feb. 16 2005
Jamillah Garden serves it up Halal-style
Feb. 16 2005
Sardina's1129 Morena Blvd., Bay Park619-276-8393Some of my fondest childhood memories are of softball nights. My dad played for the company team, and after the game, everyone would go for pizza, with beer...
Feb. 16 2005
15 years later, Queensryche finish their epic tale
Feb. 16 2005
Mates of State perfect their cute pop with All Day
Feb. 16 2005
U.K. reggae icons keep chanting psalms amid racism and "safe' media
Feb. 16 2005
Jolie Holland dumpster-dove her way into loneliness and beautiful song
Feb. 16 2005
Notes form the local music scene


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