Nov. 20 2015
It's tough to lose a legend. Lubach's and its mock turtle soup is gone. So is Piret's, its pâtés and tourte au chou. Star of the Sea Room closed years ago and Anthony's is following suit....
Nov. 13 2015
Tofu gets no respect. Its reputation as a “meat substitute” precedes it. Bad tofu— and that’s most of the stuff you can buy— isn’t just boring, it’s bad. Really...
Nov. 6 2015
The tonkotsu style dominates San Diego's ramen scene. That milky-white, meaty broth made from slowly boiled pork bones is certainly a powerhouse
Oct. 30 2015
Miguel Angel Guerrero owns the trademark for "BajaMed," and he gets ripped for it. The chef gets too much praise, some say, for the new Baja cuisine that's recently become an international sensation
Oct. 23 2015
There are people who think New York delivery Chinese is the very definition of "authentic" Chinese food. They can be found mostly on Chowhound and Yelp, though they appear elsewhere, too
Oct. 19 2015
On its historic journey from the Northern Middle East to Italy, pita decided to stop over in the vicinity of Lebanon and become man'oushe
Oct. 2 2015
If Guy Fieri did a show on Mexico it would probably have to be called Street Carts, Shacks and Saloons instead of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
Sept. 25 2015
On my first trip to any restaurant with the word “pho” in the name, I order the special mixed ph?. Makes sense, right? If they call themselves “pho” and they can't get the pho right...
Sept. 18 2015
Roberto Alcocer and his Malva Cocina de Baja California (Km. 96 Route 3, San Antonio De Las Minas, Baja) are something of a rarity: a brilliant chef and great restaurant working a known patch of turf under...
Sept. 11 2015
If you've eaten Thai food in America you know the Thai two-step: Pick one from Column A (a menu of Top 10 Thai dishes) and one from Column B (protein options like beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu, duck a
Sept. 4 2015
The fried clams and lobster rolls at Bite of Boston (3292 Governor Dr.) in University City are poor reflections of the dishes I remember from my New England college years
Aug. 28 2015
The strongest proof of the blurring of that line was the fact I'd eaten at Little Itay's Davanti Enoteca (1655 India St., there is also a location in the Del Mar Highlands shopping mall) multiple times...
Aug. 21 2015
Heavy sits the yoke of expectations. Just ask a tiger mom's child or a first-round draft pick. Or you might have asked Javier Plascencia before the opening of Bracero Cocina de Raiz (1490 Kettner Blvd.)...
Aug. 14 2015
The best fish and chips in town come from a Korean fine-dining-trained chef at a former fast food joint in the part of Lemon Grove where you're more likely to get a used car than a meal.
Aug. 7 2015
As Sovereign opened-it is now, belatedly being called a "soft opening" supposedly because there is no liquor license-word crept out that Huynh had left the place some time ago
Aug. 3 2015
Nosh isn't new-a La Jolla location closed last year-but it is a welcome addition to the downtown lunch scene. The terms "Jewish Deli" and "New York Deli" have become interchangeable.
July 24 2015
I'm not good with disguises and trying would have been worthless. I'd cooked with Ryan Steyn, chef-owner of El Jardin por Ryan Steyn (El Porvenir, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California), the week
July 17 2015
Sports commentator Jim Rome has the catchphrase "Have a take and don't suck." But when it comes to Punjabi Tandoor (9235 Activity Road, Suite 111) in Miramar, it's strangely difficult...
July 10 2015
As Normal Height's Burnside (3375 Adams Ave.) demonstrates, creativity need not come from "more" nor rely on structural engineering expertise
July 6 2015
One of the quaint rituals of our criminal justice system is that we generally give prisoners facing death the right to choose their last meal.


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