May 17 2016
By the time you read this, you'll have just barely missed the Ocean Beach Kite Festival, San Diego's premier gathering of people with serious Ben Franklin envy. Still, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy...
May 17 2016
You know those friends who "love" camping, but when you've found your plot, they don't know how to construct a tent? And then, they wonder where the bathrooms are
May 17 2016
Take a detour through some of the curvy residential streets in Mission Hills and you might unexpectedly find yourself in front of what looks like the work of Edward Scissorhands
May 17 2016
When is the last time you went down a huge waterslide slightly buzzed on beers rimmed with chamoy and Tajin? The answer might be years, yesterday or never
May 19 2015
Traveling with pets isn't easy. Sure, there are some benefits you don't get when traveling with children-you don't have to buy your travel companion a seat on an airplane, and 21-and-up rules don't apply
May 19 2015
Now that I'm in my (shudder) mid-thirties, many of my friends have children. My partner is due to have our second child any moment. As a result, more and more of my experiences are kid-friendly
May 19 2015
I've been told more than once that I'm a secret old person. This is not the same as being called an "old soul"-believe me, I could only be so lucky if anyone regarded me with the same esteem as a...
May 19 2015
It's like having Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and Ethel Mertz (sans high-waisted Fred) over for an extended stay. My parents from back East regularly travel around the country with my mom's childhood friend.
May 19 2015
I'm lucky in that I have friends spread throughout the world. I suppose I'm also lucky that said friends, for the most part, remain single and spawnless. So when they come to visit, I do feel it's my duty...
May 21 2014
How much do you miss going off to summer camp when you were a kid? A lot, right? Don't you want to relive it No? You hated summer camp? Oh. Well, then, if those are painful memories, how about...
Death for Food
May 21 2014
The summer months will bring even more fun stuff to do in San Diego. What follows is a curated list of events, including a few featured happenings that gave us a chance to tie in our summer-camp theme,...
Ice cream 2
May 20 2014
What's summer without ice cream? And what's summer camp without an ice-cream social? In homage to the joy of stuffing your face with all sorts of sweet, chilled creamy goodness, here we bring together...
Eric Bowlby
May 20 2014
"I'm doing a story on San Diego's 13 canyons," I said over the phone to Eric Bowlby, executive director of nonprofit San Diego Canyonlands, hoping to cull some basic information. I had recently fo
Nathan Young at Cedar Creek Falls
May 20 2014
Swimming holes not only epitomize the summer-camp experience; they also provide some of the most scenic, enjoyable environments in which to swim
Joe Cullen of Cactus Star Vineyard
May 20 2014
Campers looking to earn their wine badge this summer will find that the grape-rich region is far more than just a pit stop on the way to somewhere else
May 8 2013
Hey, we know a juggernaut when we see one. That's why, when we were brainstorming themes for this year's Summer Guide, we chose bicycling
May 8 2013
In San Diego, cyclist commuters have the added privilege of being able to take advantage of discounts at a long list of businesses throughout the city
May 8 2013
Compared with Spandex-wearing, sponsored-jersey-donning cyclist teams, social bike groups are more casual endeavors. The groups range from those that go to Padres games or coffeehouses to those populated...
May 8 2013
San Diego has perfect cycling weather and bicycle routes throughout the county. Just getting on your bike and out of the house is great, but as your skill level progresses, you'll be looking for some more...
May 8 2013
On Sunday, Aug. 11, cyclists and pedestrians will have complete control of 30th through Golden Hill and South Park and into North Park


  • Known as the ‘Official Scripps National Spelling Bee Watch Party for Adults,’ guests can cheer on kids in the Scripps National Spelling Bee on ESPN before competing in a spelling bee themselves
  • The renowned Mexican black and white photographer presents an exhibition exploring the principal themes within three groups: "Bestiarium"," Fantastic Women" and "Silent Natures."
  • Debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding cannibalism at this new exhibition that takes a hands-on approach to the subject. Includes video games and interactive activities where patrons will have to decide...
  • A mass action against the closing of the UCSD University Art Gallery. Participants will meet at the Silent Tree (located near the Library Walk) and march together toward the Gallery
  • Local science illustrator Melissa Walter presents new abstract works that are literal interpretations of astronomical theories
  • So Say We All invites listeners to hear stories about real life, the internet, the ways those places intersect or the way they don't intersect at all, told by seven locals
  • The author, comic book writer, and son of Stephen King will sign his new apocalyptic thriller, The Fireman
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