Dec. 6 2016
The mayor's office maintains that it just wanted to get the study out and that SDSU was late in delivering the final analysis
Dec. 6 2016
Back in September, two San Diego ballot measures had the local politi-wonk world worked up into quite a lather
Dec. 6 2016
As we Americans have taken a collective belly flop from the edge of a very big cliff, I feel a responsibility to say something meaningful, but I also need to be silly and ridiculous as means of relief...
Nov. 30 2016
Dear Minda Honey, I am a 65-year-old white guy born in San Diego and raised in East County, and I would just love to give you a hug. You wrote a wonderfully perceptive article that truly did evoke some...
Nov. 29 2016
The next few years are going to be hard on everyone, but readers can depend on us to be true to our roots. To be real. To be alternative. To be newsy. It's who we are
Nov. 29 2016
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has his town rolling in new revenue. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, not so much. Photo by John R. Lamb Envy is as persistent as memory, as intractable as a head
Nov. 28 2016
First of all, let's get something straight. Complaining that Hillary Clinton should be president because she won the popular vote is like saying George Foreman won the Rumble in the Jungle because he connected...
Nov. 23 2016
At City Hall, December is inauguration month, when all the bright newly elected faces converge with the grizzled re-electeds to make bold, inspiring oratory with a stocking full of promises that very few...
Nov. 23 2016
As he prepares for his 11th Father Joe’s 5K, it’s genuinely shocking to learn that August Castille is 90 years old
Nov. 21 2016
So. My last column was right-ish: Hillary Rodham Clinton, the most qualified person—woman or man—to ever run for the most important office in the world, won in a landslide
Nov. 16 2016
An all-American child of a mixed marriage that ended in divorce, I grew up one of six children in a single-mother household. My mother happened to be a baseball fanatic—a lifelong, diehard Mets fan....
Nov. 16 2016
OK, OK, so the orange-tinted name salesman with straw mane bagged the most-challenging, bigliest job on the planet last week. Big deal. What about Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s “dimming star,”...
Nov. 16 2016
More than twice as many homeless people died alone on San Diego streets this year as compared to two years ago
Nov. 14 2016
I am so mad at my ex-wife. It has been about two years since we split and for all my efforts she refuses to have post-breakup sex with me
Nov. 9 2016
For the first time in Spin Cycle’s memory, there was a line of voters waiting to cast their ballots at the nearby nursing home that serves as a polling place
Nov. 9 2016
This past spring-like Sunday a friend dropped a free ticket to the Chargers-Titans game in my lap. So I attended an NFL football game at Qualcomm Stadium for the first time in about three years
Nov. 8 2016
WORTH PERUSING Thank you for your excellent and progressive newspaper. I am a long termer in San Diego, born in old Mercy Hospital and raised in East County. San Diego needs your paper
Nov. 7 2016
It is, as I type this column, days before what has turned out to be the most traumatizing election campaign I've ever experienced
Nov. 2 2016
Certainly in Spin Cycle’s lifetime, you would be hard pressed to find an election season as angstridden, sound-bit and crap-filled as the current model. If our elected leaders of tomorrow are truly...
Nov. 2 2016
Aaryn Belfer, you are a role model. Thanks to you, once again, for another timely, well-written, gutwrenching column [“Police had no reason to dismantle Olango memorial,” Oct. 12] that crystallizes...


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