May 2 2012
CityBeat's gotten used to the silent treatment from politicians-but not from ones with whom we agree on nine out of every 10 positions
April 11 2012
Step into Casa de Luz, a new vegan, macrobiotic, gluten-free restaurant in North Park, and you'll be confronted with a unique piece of campaign propaganda
March 28 2012
A big congratulations to labor leader Lorena Gonzalez for being named "Woman of the Year," by state Assemblymember Ben Hueso for the 79th Assembly District! But did she actually deserve the honor?
Feb. 29 2012
With the help of WikiLeaks, we're taking a trip across space and time
Feb. 22 2012
Twice in roughly a week, quotes from San Diego City Councilmember and mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio were removed from stories in the U-T San Diego for inaccuracy
Feb. 15 2012
The California Democratic Party descended on the San Diego Convention Center and the Hilton San Diego Bayfront for its annual convention last weekend. Here a few quick 'uns
Feb. 8 2012
If the San Diego Press Club wants to maintain credibility, then it must be more selective when bestowing its annual media awards
Feb. 1 2012
Here's how not to inspire faith in a balanced judicial system: Run for judge and accept a ton of money from your prosecutor buddies
Jan. 25 2012
San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio's pretty much running two campaigns: one for mayor of San Diego and one to support a pension-reform ballot measure. So, maybe it shouldn't be a surprise to see...
Jan. 18 2012
The latest installment of CityBeat's election column, Turds & Blossoms, wherein we rate campaigns and candidates and award them turds or blossoms for their latest foibles and triumphs. This week we...
Jan. 11 2012
It's easy to laugh at Republican presidential candidate John Huntsman for failing to get on the Arizona ballot, but we're shoveling shit all over ourselves, too, for similarly screwing up our efforts...
Jan. 4 2012
Not to keep harping on the Lincoln Club of San Diego County's lame winter fund-raiser, “Occupy Christmas,” but—OK, we're just going to keep harping
Dec. 21 2011
The video, which was leaked this week, is not only spectacularly unfunny, but also nearly incoherent. The old-timey newsreel features the elves marching in solidarity with the “Commercialize Christmas”...
Dec. 14 2011
Rep. Brian Bilbray beat his challengers to the punch, the California Secretary of State's campaign-finance database crashed and an invitation to get drunk and run for president
Dec. 7 2011
Peters expressed sympathy for the protesters, but he was dismissive of the idea of a demonstration at the port. Peters said he'd checked and he was fairly certain there would be no protest. Boy, was...
Nov. 23 2011
We award both turds and blossoms to Carl DeMaio for his benefit for the businesses hurt by Occupy San Diego—but Bonnie Dumanis only gets turds for her latest endorsement.
Nov. 16 2011
With Karl Rove back in the news, we dedicate to him this second series of our column, wherein we rate candidates' and campaigns' sweetest and stinkiest behaviors
Oct. 27 2010
The end is nigh! No doubt, there will be cheers in some political circles that this puerile political column is coming into a conclusion. Our turds were cited in political mailers and hat-tipped on talk...
Oct. 20 2010
Slushy terrain County Supervisor Ron Roberts had to wonder how he found himself on the defensive about the Pro Kids program, which helps at-risk youth by teaching them the soothing game of golf. But at...
Oct. 6 2010
Sign language A completely unscientific poll conducted while we were slightly sloshed revealed this: The average San Diegan doesn't know jack about Prop. D, the November ballot measure that, if passed,...


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