BOY Dress Rehearsal-11
May 18 2016
Diversionary Theatre is winding up its 30th season with the most impressive production the University Heights company has offered in recent memory. It’s a world premiere musical (book and lyrics...
May 18 2016
These days, Michael James Armstrong spends a lot of time just looking. That’s not to imply he has too much time on his hands. Quite the opposite. In addition to installing a show from Spring Valley-based...
May 18 2016
In this semi-regular column, we ask some of our favorite local arts folks what new shows or artists are worth checking out
May 17 2016
"Facts are horrid things," snipes Lady Susan Vernon (Kate Beckinsale) during a pivotal moment late in Love & Friendship, Whit Stillman's brisk romantic comedy about the art of long-game manipulation
May 17 2016
A Bigger Splash There's so much past history bubbling under the surface of Luca Guadagnino's A Bigger Splash that it's hard for the characters to breathe. Which makes the film's central image
May 16 2016
Summer is a great time to catch up on the books piling up on the bedside table. Because the summer, or at least the early months, can be gray and gloomy in San Diego, here are a few books I've enjoyed
May 10 2016
A splendid cast telling an incredible and important story. That's Moxie Theatre's ambitious production of Katori Hall's Our Lady of Kibeho, directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn
May 10 2016
There's no beauty in the breakdown according to Ben Wheatley's High-Rise. This messy and convoluted adaptation of J.G. Ballard's 1975 novel paints a dystopian future that finally begins to crumble thanks...
May 10 2016
Five Turkish police officers act like assholes in a quiet restaurant and earn themselves the ire of a sinister hooded figure that may be a gatekeeper to hell. So goes the clumsy set-up of Baskin, Cam Evrenol's...
May 10 2016
Lynn Susholtz proudly looks around the garden and communal area of Art Produce, an art gallery and multi-use building in North Park
May 10 2016
In this semi-regular department, arts editor Seth Combs reviews a notable new art show or exhibition
May 10 2016
"Swedish girls think feminism is associated with being very confrontational, being aggressive, not liking men, not being feminine," says Åsa Kvissberg, a Swedish artist who has traveled between Stockholm...
May 3 2016
Rapture, Blister Burn, the closing show of San Diego Rep's 40th season, is a schizophrenic marathon of a play (written by Gina Gionfriddo) that zigzags between feminist manifesto and soap opera of th
May 3 2016
Since the mid-1970s, blusterous big budget Hollywood films have dominated the hotter months of the calendar year. Millions of marketing dollars are spent selling these titanic products (sometimes year
May 3 2016
April and the Extraordinary World: A young girl and her cat embark on an adventure through Paris in this animated Sci-fi feature from France. Screens through Thursday, May 12, at the Digital Gym Cinema...
May 3 2016
Peter Nelson ScheidtPhoto by Yvonne Mouser In this semi-regular column, we profile local crafters whose wares we love. When the recipients of the San Diego Art Prize were announced recently, Pete
May 3 2016
"People are shocked in ways that they don't expect to be," says Rodney "Rod" Rodriguez. "They expect to hear tragic stories of people dying and that's happened, but you're not going to hear those stories...
April 27 2016
Relationships are complicated enough without the moments of high drama recurring over and over, and not always in the same way. But in the “multiverse” explained by physicist Marianne, the...
April 26 2016
It's surprising, at first, to hear Amanda Cachia emphasize she's part of a disabled class. Sure, she's a little person, but by no means does this seem to disable her. She has a brilliant mind, functioning...
April 26 2016
"To be honest, I don't even know what we're going to do," says Josh Pavlick as he glances over the piles of posters, art work and random memorabilia he and curator Mindy Solis are sorting through in the...


  • Debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding cannibalism at this new exhibition that takes a hands-on approach to the subject. Includes video games and interactive activities where patrons will have to decide...
  • The Pulitzer Prize finalist will sign and discuss his new novel, Imagine Me Gone, about a family facing the ultimate question: how far will we go to save the people we love the most?
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