Feb. 3 2016
The San Diego Repertory Theatre’s fourth production of its 40th anniversary season, Outside Mullingar, comes with everything but four-leaf clovers sprinkling down from the rafters
Feb. 3 2016
New CityBeat editorial assistant Torrey Bailey took the cover photo of downtown’s omnipresent Shirtless Guy (Don Flores)
Feb. 2 2016
Andrew Haigh's 45 Years surveys a marriage long enshrouded in a cocoon of normalcy. Fissures begin to show almost immediately, though, and a relationship that initially seems strong is quickly revealed...
Feb. 2 2016
If my admittedly flawed math skills are correct, the San Diego Jewish Film Festival is the longest running event of its kind in our fair region
Feb. 2 2016
There are myriad things to notice within the new Verbatim Books storefront in North Park, not least of which are the rows upon rows of new and used books spanning every conceivable genre. Still, it's not...
Feb. 2 2016
Curator Maria Nicola Mathioudakis has been getting a lot of questions lately about the name of her new series of art shows at Bankers Hill space Helmuth Projects. Lovingly dubbed IUD: A Place You Think...
Jan. 27 2016
Cygnet Theatre is staging the San Diego premiere of Bovell’s 2010 play, directed in Old Town by Rob Lutfy and featuring a seven-person ensemble (all but one playing either dual roles or younger/...
Jan. 26 2016
"What are we even waiting for?" a 20-something hipster asked his friends. He'd likely never seen a line this long for an art show, much less a line that curved around the block. I counted 60 or more people
Jan. 26 2016
"Do your job." These three words summarize the fundamental theme running through The Finest Hours, a modestly old-fashioned disaster film about a daring Coast Guard rescue off the coast of Cape Cod in...
Jan. 26 2016
Similar to the selections of vanilla nominees in virtually every other category at this year's Academy Awards, the sheared list of Best Animated and Live Action Shorts is a decidedly mixed bag
Jan. 26 2016
Ernesto Neto, Mother body emotional densities, for alive temple time baby son Photo by Pablo Mason In this semi-regular department, we ask some of our favorite local artists and curators what new
Jan. 26 2016
You'd think Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs would be sick of each other by now. For more than nine months, the couple has been traveling in a small RV as the "Greetings Tour" and creating city-specific murals...
Jan. 25 2016
In Elizabeth Marro's tremendous debut novel Casualties, San Diego becomes a battleground fought by the men and women behind the scenes of America's military efforts in the Middle East. Ruth No
Jan. 20 2016
Jason Maddy and Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper are capable in Holmes’ and Watson’s shoes, though they are saddled with all the usual Sherlockian tropes. Richard Baird is a terse, occasionally wry...
Jan. 19 2016
In this semi-regular department, arts editor Seth Combs reviews a notable new art show or exhibition. Go down an alley in Barrio Logan and you might encounter any number of adventures: a bark
Jan. 19 2016
Graphic designer Andrew Gallagher wasn't inspired to create Yes, We're Open Minded—his own brand of custom business signs—because he saw a feel-good, fluffy story. Instead he found a way to...
Jan. 19 2016
The Treasure walks the razor's edge between tones, but never veers into the realm of dark comedy. Porumboiu values the playfulness of words over the visceral, the political and social subtext of contradictory...
Jan. 19 2016
War is hell. The innocent always suffer. Good people can't solve bad situations. Heavy-handed clichés are part and parcel to Fernando León de Aranoa's A Perfect Day, even when they are masked...
Jan. 13 2016
This weekend at its third New Voices Festival, the Old Globe Theatre will showcase new works by promising playwrights
Jan. 13 2016
For those unfamiliar with what a zine is, here’s a quick primer: Short for fanzines, most people agree zines began as self-published compilations of science-fiction writing. It was around the late...


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