Nov. 29 2016
"Punk's gonna get really good in the next four years." On the evening of Nov. 8, around 11 p.m., I saw about a half-dozen variations of this tweet
Nov. 29 2016
The Lulls began life as Ed Ghost Tucker, one of the best new local bands in recent years, with a dreamy and diverse indie rock sound that recalled the likes of Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors while offering...
Nov. 29 2016
Singer/songwriter Pall Jenkins, of Black Heart Procession and Three Mile Pilot, has launched a new non-profit campaign called Basic Rules
Nov. 29 2016
Canadian indie rock outfit The Besnard Lakes are a dense and heavy group that takes a little time to fully appreciate
Nov. 22 2016
San Diego's music scene lost one of its MVPs earlier this month when Jon Greene died unexpectedly on Nov. 8. He was 35 years old
Nov. 22 2016
Former members of Cuckoo Chaos and Deadphones have started up a new band, Body Song. The duo, comprising Jeremy Scott and Jackson Milgaten, have announced their debut live show on Friday, Dec. 23 at Soda...
Nov. 22 2016
The former Bauhaus frontman played many songs by his classic goth-rock band, as well as solo material from throughout his career
Nov. 22 2016
"I make more songs than I can remember." Kool Keith isn't lying. The prolific Bronx-based rapper born Keith Thornton has at least 26 albums to his name
Nov. 16 2016
Warpaint doesn't care what you think. Over the course of 12-plus years, the Los Angeles quartet has worked to refine their genre-busting brand of moody, atmospheric rock without a care for much outside...
Nov. 15 2016
A lot of us are still in a state of shock after Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election, but that doesn't mean that people are remaining silent about it
Nov. 15 2016
Vektor Wednesday, November 16PLAN A: Colleen Green, Mannequin Pussy @ The Hideout. Colleen Green's music is simple, yet easy to like. Short, jangly indie pop songs about youthful angst and, in t
Nov. 8 2016
Never ask a musician about their influences. It's bad form. A rookie mistake. To paraphrase that Boromir meme, one does not simply ask a musician about their influences. I've lived long enough
Nov. 8 2016
San Diego Music Thing returns to San Diego in a slightly more scaled back form this year. Yet there are still lots of great bands to see. Here are nine recommendations for those planning to show-hop
Nov. 8 2016
Protomartyr are one of my favorite bands right now, with a post-punk sound that's dark, noisy and just a little bit bleak
New Mexico
Nov. 7 2016
New Mexico is calling it quits. The long-running indie rock band, which changed their name from Apes of Wrath in 2010, will play their last show on Wednesday, November 9 at The Casbah
Nov. 1 2016
High Bias may be the total Purling Hiss package in one recording, but that doesn't mean Polizze is ready to rest on his laurels
Nov. 1 2016
The Midnight Pine aren't the same band they used to be. Not exactly. As of 2015, they became a part of The Redwoods, a local artist collective and label that was co-founded by The Midnight Pine percussionist...
Nov. 1 2016
Members of Ilya and KATA have formed a new darkwave band called Warsaw. The group—which comprises vocalist/guitarist Demetrius Antuna, keyboardist/vocalist Rebecca Antuna, bassist John Mattos and...
Nov. 1 2016
King Khan is an excellent showman, no matter what band he's fronting
Oct. 25 2016
SubrosaPhoto by Chris Martindale In 2016, the world is getting a closer glimpse at what it might look like to live in a dystopian society. The planet as a whole isn't there yet, but the tipping


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