Feb. 10 2016
The members of Chicago’s Meat Wave had their collective minds blown by the rebellious sounds of punk at a young age. In a phone interview, guitarist and vocalist Chris Sutter remembers the time and...
Feb. 9 2016
Daniel Cervantes is singer, songwriter and frontman for blues rockers Mrs. Henry, and like other San Diego music scene MVPs, his name shows up on various projects
Feb. 9 2016
Joy has announced a new album. The psychedelic rockers are set to release third album Ride Along on April 29, via Tee Pee. It features 10 tracks, including a cover of ZZ Top's "Certified Blues," an
Feb. 9 2016
Wednesday, February 10 PLAN A: Idiot Glee @ Whistle Stop. Kentucky's Idiot Glee does pop with synth-driven ambiance, artful textures and an easy-to-like weirdness. Groove with them up close a
Feb. 3 2016
The extra work paid off, as Dark Arc was a breakthrough for Saintseneca, garnering positive reviews from outlets such as American Songwriter and NPR, which called the album “the product of intense...
Feb. 2 2016
DJ Quik might not have technically invented g-funk, but he sure as hell owns it
Feb. 2 2016
Voice Actor isn't doing anything particularly novel or groundbreaking on Runaway, but what they are doing is good enough to overlook any blatant derivativeness
Feb. 2 2016
Electronic producer Fa†e will collaborate with Los Angeles rapper Blu. Fa†e, whose real name is Griffin Lee, worked with Blu with another project of his, titled O†ion
Jan. 26 2016
Julia Holter readily admits she isn't a huge fan of touring. Perhaps she's only saying that because the L.A. singer/songwriter is currently enjoying the waning days of a six-week break between exten
Jan. 26 2016
Coachella is taking over the desert for two weekends in April, and if you missed the window to buy tickets they're long sold out now. But on the plus side, many artists playing the festival are also touching...
Jan. 26 2016
Local artists are the focus of the next School of Rock show. On February 5 at The Irenic, students of the local music school will be performing selections from bands such as The Donkeys, Barbarian, Wild...
Jan. 26 2016
It's not often I get to say this, so soak it in: Go see some ska! Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!
Jan. 20 2016
The opening track on Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, the third album by All Them Witches, could sound like it was a carefully planned product of focused writing and collaboration
Jan. 19 2016
If you search for albums tagged "San Diego" on Bandcamp, you'll find some interesting stuff. In this semi-regular report, we sift through recent postings and relay the findings
Jan. 19 2016
Matthew Binder, former member of Hotel St. George, has announced the upcoming release of his debut novel. The book is titled High in the Streets, and it's being released on April 29 via Roundfire Boo
Jan. 19 2016
Chuck Ragan is best known as the frontman for punk band Hot Water Music, but lately he's been playing an earthier, earnest rock 'n' roll sound reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen
Jan. 13 2016
Back in June of last year, long-running weekly UK music magazine NME got ahold of The Gloomies’ debut single “LSD,” months before it was even officially released, and named them Buzz...
Jan. 12 2016
On Sunday night, David Bowie died at 69, after 18 months of battling cancer. He leaves behind a legacy that's as massive as rock 'n' roll itself, and there's no diminishing his influence on pop music,...
Jan. 12 2016
Manuok has announced a new album. In mid-2016, the band will release a record titled The Gift Horse, which follows their 2012 album Traps
Jan. 12 2016
Segall changes his M.O. every time he releases a new album, going from acoustic rock to noisy garage sounds, and from wildly heavy psychedelia to a more glam-inspired sound


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