April 25 2012
With its unpredictable forays into funky samba drumming and churchy pipe organ, the varied effort brims with wonderment
March 14 2012
One could argue that every "garage rock" band throughout history was actually nothing but a wannabe pop band that didn't have the pipes or the chops to make something wholly original. They know...
Feb. 29 2012
Johaz The Alina Marin Theory (self-released) Johaz has been relatively quiet. While fellow Deep Rooted member Mr. Brady has released a bevy of EPs and albums since the group's last album in
Feb. 15 2012
The good news about Jesse LaMonaca's new album is that, while it lacks cohesiveness, the singer-songwriter makes up for it with an enlightened sense of pop songcraft and a voice that the listener...
Feb. 15 2012
The Big Thank You Guardian Angel Roadside Chapel: Demos & Retakes (self-released) My copy of Guardian Angel Roadside Chapel came with two curious little pills and a handwritten note instr
Feb. 1 2012
Room E Penguin Child (Brilliant Something) Once you discover that Room E is a skinny Asian dude who produces instrumental hip-hop, you might be tempted to think of that other skinny Asian dude who produces...
Feb. 1 2012
One thing that Endoxi does have going for them is the production, which is crisp for a self-released affair
Jan. 25 2012
Well, spank that mechanical bull and call me Sally—San Diego is crawling with Americana bands!
Jan. 25 2012
In many ways, Gonjasufi's 2010 album A Sufi and a Killer was the most underrated and overrated release of that year.
Jan. 18 2012
It's been a while since we last heard from Christmas Island. Back in mid-2009, the indie-rock quartet was often mentioned in the same articles as Crocodiles and Wavves as the next band to emerge from...
Jan. 18 2012
With his undeniable talents, B.Slade has earned the right to be a little pompous
Jan. 11 2012
What's immediately evident is how much Milgaten has grown, both personally and musically
Jan. 4 2012
Beaters Fishage (Volar) I could argue that the long-awaited debut LP from Beaters has arrived too late for anyone outside of San Diego to care much and that it's the closest thing I%u201
Dec. 21 2011
Pedalay The Boss' latest album, Issue #1, sounds so refreshing. Pedalay, a Southeast San Diego rapper, is nerdy enough to spit abstract imagery and title his album like it's a comic-book series
Dec. 7 2011
Subsurfer We Are Stars (self-released) When I was a teenager, I regularly sifted through the discount CDs at Music Trader in search of long-forgotten gems. As it turned out, the CDs I boug
Nov. 30 2011
San Diego's always been a haven for aggressive bands, and the compilation shows that rawness and brutality are still common traits
Nov. 30 2011
On the Cold Summer EP, Black Mikey is very much obsessed with his haters. The problem is, despite his fiery delivery, Mikey's on autopilot much of the time
Life Span of the Moth
Nov. 23 2011
Calling to mind The Residents and early Sebadoh, Vellucci's songs are slow, meditative and full of radical contrasts
Nov. 23 2011
Taking its name from the shortbread-cookie company, the lorna Doone DVD is an abstract video presentation about the past year in the life of Parker & the Numberman.
Nov. 16 2011
It might be unfair to judge this newish band by what ncould be considered clear influences. But if they can't channel those ninfluences into something less referential, then their music is fair ngame for...


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