July 26 2016
The Kneehighs' new album, We Put the Fun in Dysfunction, opens as many hip-hop records do, with an introductory skit
July 26 2016
Sledding With Tigers is moving to Los Angeles. Dan Faughnder, the singer/songwriter behind the folk/punk collective, cites both personal and professional reasons for the relocation
July 19 2016
Much like fellow thrash metal legends Metallica did a few years back, Slayer will have a major presence at Comic-Con this year
July 12 2016
It's hard to see the point of California, the band's eighth album and first since parting ways with Delonge, whose recent interviews have included some troubling quotes about UFOs
July 12 2016
A lost 1996 album by Red Dye No. 5 is finally seeing the light of day. Silver Girl Records, which originally released the now defunct San Diego band's "Fuzzbomb" 7-inch, has announced it's releasing The...
July 6 2016
Frank Green, multi-instrumentalist, describes the album as being more aggressive than its predecessor, though he notes that the basic elements of their sound are still there
July 6 2016
Folks of a certain age may remember Adam Gnade as the editor of the short-lived indie weekly Fahrenheit
June 28 2016
You have to hand it to Patrick Heaney and Aaron Blomberg. Two-thirds of the late '00s electro group Shark Attack, the two musicians could have easily coasted the rest of their careers crafting aggressive...
June 28 2016
Bar Dynamite is going Blonde. At the end of July, the Mission Hills bar (1808 W. Washington St.) will permanently close, and three weeks later, on August 20, it'll reopen as Blonde Bar
June 21 2016
On the weekend of August 26-28, a who's-who of punk, metal, hard rock and hardcore will converge—including Converge, as it turns out—at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for a weekend of debaucher
June 21 2016
Gloomsday has announced a proper physical release of their new album Worst Coast Scenario. Quietly, the album first was posted to Bandcamp in December of last year and was recorded more than a year ago
Dabbers album
June 14 2016
The Dabbers are another such band for whom keeping it simple is more of a strength than a liability. Indeed, there's something admirably straightforward about how Zack and Shelby Wentz tackle their noisy...
June 14 2016
Polish Members of Age of Collapse and Gloomsday have started up a new band called Polish. The group features Age of Collapse's Xavier Hernandez on guitar and vocals, Gloomsday's Lori Sokolowski
June 7 2016
It's a weird thing to read a press release about a metal band from San Diego that says, right off the bat, San Diego isn't really known for its metal talent
June 7 2016
Parkeology is holding a unique audio-visual concert at Balboa Park's Spreckels Organ Pavilion on June 10, titled Organ for the Senses. The project will juxtapose commissioned compositions by Michael
May 31 2016
Inspired by the sounds of low-fidelity, budget-priced punk rock compilation LPs from the '80s, Hardcore Matinee is an anomaly in 2016. Streaming trumps physical media in terms of total listener
May 31 2016
The Dabbers are set to provide music for a film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's novel Lullaby. The film, which is going to be directed by Andy Mingo, is currently raising money for production via Kickstarter
May 24 2016
This is a recurring feature in which we ask musicians to name a song they never want to hear again
May 24 2016
Three former members of Taurus Authority have started a new band. It's called NST (pronounced "Nasty," if you're so inclined) and features drummer Jake Najor, bassist Christian Schinelli and saxophonist/flautist...
May 17 2016
A New Wave of Violence sounds essentially exactly like what you'd probably expect from a band featuring members of The Locust, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blood Brothers


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