Feb. 26 2013
In this space, I like to have an overarching theme so that anyone who's into one of the events has two other options that may also pique their interest. It's like Pandora
Feb. 20 2013
Waking up after a night of raging, one often feels a tad unfulfilled. Other than a hangover and a stranger snoring next to you in bed, what was the point of all that?
Feb. 13 2013
If you're anything like me, Valentine's Day won't be spent on a bearskin rug in front of a crackling fireplace. It won't even involve drinking a combination of red wine and salted lonely tears
Feb. 6 2013
Ever since I downloaded Spotify's Blue Note app, which allows you to access the entire Blue Note Records catalog, I've been on a major jazz bender
Jan. 30 2013
In the movie Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace, as played by Uma Thurman, says there are two kinds of people in the world: Elvis people and Beatles people. Someone can like both, but never in the same...
Jan. 23 2013
Dancing is a hell of a drug. Maybe it's because I'm a somewhat young woman who enjoys a good groove, but hitting a dance floor after a long, stressful week has some sort of healing effect on me
Jan. 16 2013
Recently, a good friend asked me which bars and clubs are cool places to hang in Chula Vista. Despite being from "The Chul," as no one but me calls it, I was at a loss for good ideas
Jan. 9 2013
If that teaser got you jonesing for an '80s night where you can Wang Chung harder than Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds, head to The Flame (3780 Park Blvd. in Hillcrest) on Thursday, Jan. 10
Jan. 2 2013
The last few weeks have been pretty stressful. Christmas, the Mayan apocalypse and then New Year's Eve were all major events. (OK, so the apocalypse turned out to be not so major.)
Dec. 26 2012
Last week, we wrestled down a major project, our annual New Year's Eve Guide-or, as I refer to it, the Stress-Induced Nightmare-Causing Guide. We listed a whopping 100 parties, dinners and shows,...
Dec. 19 2012
It's time. The Mayan calendar is coming to an end, and we are all going to die on Friday, Dec. 21. Will it be fire that takes us to the great beyond?
Dec. 12 2012
There are two kinds of people: those who are nice and those who are naughty. Santa made those lists. He checked them twice. There are no negotiations.
Dec. 5 2012
EDM, or electronic dance music, has blown up in the last couple of years among folks who like their music to sound like a drug one might buy from a sketchy dude on a backstreet
Nov. 28 2012
You're feeling it in your pants right now, aren't you? That extra tightness around your waist that's letting you know that you recently consumed your weight in mashed potatoes.
Nov. 21 2012
Thanksgiving can be a huge headache. As much as I love mashed potatoes and stuffing, the deliciousness is often spoiled by wine-fueled bitching among my sisters
Nov. 14 2012
Most of us might not have the desire to start a band, tour in a crappy van and play half-empty clubs. That doesn't mean we can't have a night of glory on the stage backed by a live musical combo
Nov. 7 2012
A while back, I gave you a rundown of a few nightlife events that art lovers could get behind. Now I'm back with three more parties for those who enjoy a good, stiff cocktail as much as a piece of ab
Oct. 31 2012
Halloween seems to have lasted a whole week this year. Bars, clubs, co-workers and friends conspired to make this just about the drinkiest week in history, thanks to night after night of parties
Oct. 24 2012
This year, sexy Big Bird is my favorite of the stupid sexy-costume ideas
Oct. 17 2012
North County has its share of dive bars that are usually filled with a random mix of people-loudmouth bros, military men, surfers and others stand around, knocking back beers while Sublime plays on the...


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