Oct. 10 2012
When I see a flyer promoting an indie night, it catches my eye because it usually means that, at some point, The Strokes will be played
Oct. 3 2012
Back in the Renaissance era, high society would go to court to see beautiful works of art. They'd ooh and ahh while gliding to music performed by dudes in floppy hats
Sept. 25 2012
We usually party with one result in mind: Have fun. Buthere and there, getting down at a bar has a higher purpose than dancingon a table without falling on your face or finding a willing sexpartner for...
Sept. 19 2012
Sometimes, under the fog of vodka and strobe lights, we come up with ideas that we swear are absolute genius. Like my friend Ramon's idea for a leftover-food swap
Sept. 12 2012
When Friday night rolls around, the first thing we ask ourselves is usually something along the lines of Where da party at?
no pants
Sept. 4 2012
After a long day at work, there's nothing that says you've been released from the office, with its annoying co-workers and shitty copy machines, like removing your pants
Aug. 29 2012
When Labor Day rolls around, hardworking Americans rest during a long weekend by soaking their bodies in alcohol and chlorinated water
Aug. 22 2012
Partying can take a toll on the body. However, if you follow Andrew W.K. on Twitter-the Confucius of partying-you'll get a never-ending flow of party tips that can keep you feeling fresh despite not having...
Aug. 15 2012
Starting a story with "According to" is lame. It's almost as bad as using Wikipedia as a source. That said, according to Wikipedia, the word "gematria" means "a system of assigning numerical value to a...
Aug. 8 2012
Not all nights out at a bar or club need to involve hardcore dance-floor grindage, but it usually just ends up that way. We're primal creatures that I assume have been dropping it low since the Paleolithic...
Aug. 1 2012
For centuries, men and women have battled over issues: voting rights, reproductive rights, which movie to rent at Redbox. Things got really heated once the nightclub was invented
July 25 2012
Centuries ago, ancient Aztecs would sacrifice virgins in gory ceremonies to appease the gods and give thanks for any bounty they received. The party makers at Fluxx (500 Fourth Ave., Downtown) might be...
July 18 2012
All year long, your tiny, gold-lamé booty shorts have been at the bottom of your underwear drawer, collecting dust and weeping at the memory of last year's Pride, when they
July 11 2012
If you're not a Comic-Con badge holder, there are still tons of parties going on around town that you can attend
July 3 2012
I don't know if you guys heard, but Paris Hilton is a DJ now.
June 27 2012
Summer has its benefits. The rule requiring shirts and shoes becomes more lax, and people (not me, but others) leave the comfort of their couch and a Real Housewives marathon to actually go outside
June 20 2012
This coming weekend is packed with solid-gold weirdness, and if there's one thing that turns a night out into a lifelong memory, it's a hard hit of WTF
June 13 2012
The weekend is upon us once again, and so it's time to hit up our watering holes and discos with the sole focus of partying with Venga Bus-ian fervor. Learn your '90s dance pop so you can get that reference
June 6 2012
June gloom may be preventing you from going full summer, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun while the sky makes mild threats against your tube tops and jorts
May 2 2012
Last Tuesday night at Til-Two, comedian Kim Thompson hosted a night featuring stand-up by Mario Mann, Dallas McLaughlin, Jake Anderson, Candis Blake and Ryan Talmo


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