April 25 2012
When The Propagandist (835 Fifth Ave., Downtown) first opened, the owners promised us that they'd host fun things like art shows, movie nights and indie rock
April 18 2012
Move over WWE, because the folks at American Wrestling Alliance are not fucking around
April 11 2012
The promise of an Adult-Themed Easter Egg Hunt at Déja Vu brought up several vivid images for me
April 4 2012
In the mood for love? Downtown has two new places where you can fill up on fine food, cocktails and romantic ambiance
March 28 2012
San Diego's breweries, beer bars and bottle shops are becoming almost as big an attraction as SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo. OK, maybe that's a stretch
March 21 2012
Boudoir, Downtown's fetish-themed nightclub that opened in late 2010 to lots of buzz—largely due to a whipping wheel and its accompanying dominatrix— has been dark since mid-Febru
March 14 2012
On Friday night, Hillcrest hot spot Eden hosted a casting call for people willing to have their heads severely messed with in the pursuit of $50,000
Feb. 22 2012
Champagne cocktails, Oscar parties, Morrissey Mondays and free art—sounds pretty rad, right? Here are the details
Feb. 8 2012
When Beatnick steps to the stage, don't be surprised if you hear an old Hall & Oates track thrown in with something newer by Mayer hawthorne
Jan. 25 2012
So far, Wang's North Park has kept as low a profile as a big new restaurant and bar with a somewhat amusing sexual innuendo for a theme could possibly manage
Jan. 18 2012
New venues and special bar nights that appeal to a broader range of people have popped up in North Park and South Park in the last few years. That means that some urban-outfitted, white hipster kid is...
Jan. 11 2012
You know you've officially made it when you come up with a new musical genre and it sticks
Jan. 4 2012
New Year's Eve is often called the biggest amateur night of the year by those hardened, longtime partiers who roundhouse-kick Friday into Saturday just as hard as they rage 2011 into 2012
Dec. 28 2011
Our “Short List” features four of our favorite New Year's Eve parties, but we couldn't stop there, so below are five more
Dec. 21 2011
I sipped on what would end up being an entire bottle of white wine and did shots of honey-flavored Jack Daniels. There weren't enough pigs in a blanket to save me from a date with the porcelain gods
Dec. 14 2011
DJ Mark E Quark recently broke his hand, but that isn't stopping him from spinning a one-handed set at the upcoming three-year anniversary of Moonshake
Dec. 7 2011
Walking into the Whistle Stop on this night is like entering the secret party barn from Dirty Dancing, only you don't have to carry a water melon to get in
Nov. 30 2011
Social Cycle is just another way for you to look kinda ridiculous while safely engaging in night-timey events like these
Nov. 16 2011
First, a little nightlife news: Whiskey Girl is moving. The owners have signed a new lease on a bigger location a block away at 702 Fifth Ave., Downtown
Nov. 9 2011
The beer wasn't just in the tasting glasses; it was in everything: in the salad dressing, braised in ham hocks, baked in the bread and brownies


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