Feb. 9 2016
By titling his latest political documentary Where To Invade Next, Michael Moore overtly mocks the United States' historical need to spread democracy around the world. Taking this destructive and cycl
Feb. 9 2016
Like a snake eating its tail, this collection of five horror stories set in a desert purgatory seamlessly transition from one to the next before ultimately wrapping back around to the beginning again
Feb. 2 2016
Andrew Haigh's 45 Years surveys a marriage long enshrouded in a cocoon of normalcy. Fissures begin to show almost immediately, though, and a relationship that initially seems strong is quickly revealed...
Feb. 2 2016
If my admittedly flawed math skills are correct, the San Diego Jewish Film Festival is the longest running event of its kind in our fair region
Jan. 26 2016
"Do your job." These three words summarize the fundamental theme running through The Finest Hours, a modestly old-fashioned disaster film about a daring Coast Guard rescue off the coast of Cape Cod in...
Jan. 26 2016
Similar to the selections of vanilla nominees in virtually every other category at this year's Academy Awards, the sheared list of Best Animated and Live Action Shorts is a decidedly mixed bag
Jan. 19 2016
The Treasure walks the razor's edge between tones, but never veers into the realm of dark comedy. Porumboiu values the playfulness of words over the visceral, the political and social subtext of contradictory...
Jan. 19 2016
War is hell. The innocent always suffer. Good people can't solve bad situations. Heavy-handed clichés are part and parcel to Fernando León de Aranoa's A Perfect Day, even when they are masked...
Jan. 12 2016
One is the loneliest number in the cinema of Charlie Kaufman. The heralded screenwriter of such emo, meta, brain twisters as Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Jan. 12 2016
Can the atrocities of the Holocaust ever be truly represented through the medium of film? It's a question artists ranging from Alain Resnais to Claude Lanzmann to Steven Spielberg have been consideri
Jan. 5 2016
Midway through Alejandro Gonz·lez Iñárritu's torturous Western The Revenant, injured fur trader Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) watches a pack of wolves take down a lone buffalo on...
Jan. 5 2016
Since absolutely nothing worthwhile is opening this Friday, I decided to get a head start on previewing the most noteworthy upcoming releases of Spring 2016. While next week brings a pair of powerhous
Dec. 29 2015
While most of the world has Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the mind (and rightfully so, it's fun), I've been thinking back to the various forces inhabiting my favorite films of 2015. Some are thril
Dec. 22 2015
Time and again, Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight contemplates the definition of surrender and the humiliation of defeat
Dec. 22 2015
Funny, sometimes inert, but always heartfelt, Joy, which opens Friday, Dec. 25, balances tones without tumbling into sentimental waters
Dec. 15 2015
Opening Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip: The squeakquel none of you have been waiting for. Everything Will Be Fine: James Franco stars as a struggling novelist whose life is tur
Dec. 15 2015
Critics not working at a daily outlets inevitably miss out on reviewing a lot of interesting films throughout the year. But rarely do we give ourselves the chance to look back and make amends and go on...
Dec. 8 2015
Places of worship are also part of In Jackson Heights, which opens Friday, Dec. 11, at the Digital Gym in North Park, but usually double as meeting places for citizens of other faiths, sexual identities...
Dec. 8 2015
e live in a world where Eddie Redmayne has won an Academy Award. Let that sink in for a second. It's not fair, right? Well, Hollywood doesn't play fair. Given the choice between obnoxious method acting...
Dec. 1 2015
Spike Lee’s Chi-raq oozes with the kind of mad urgency most American films lack these days. Its wild panic is understandable considering the epidemic of gun violence to have hit the South Side of...


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