Aug. 19 2014
Rich Hill very often feels like a classic observational documentary in the vein of Frederick Wiseman's films.
Aug. 12 2014
John Michael McDonagh's Calvary shoves these sins out into the open in a darkly comic way, addressing the human contradictions and consequences wrought by such damning ideological policies
Finding Fela
Aug. 12 2014
A force for social change, Fela challenged the oppressive government with his politicized art and strange lifestyle
Alive Inside
Aug. 5 2014
"I've forgotten so much," says an elderly female patient in the early moments of Alive Inside. Social-worker-turned-activist Dan Cohen, the documentary's primary subject, has heard these words before
Singin in the Rain
Aug. 5 2014
"Dignity, always dignity." The character Don Lockwood's trademark saying carries an ironic twinge in the early parts of Singin' in the Rain.
Guardians of the Galaxy
July 30 2014
What makes Guardians of the Galaxy so moving is its ability to meld rage with tenderness and heartache in a mainstream, entertaining package
Happy Christmas
July 30 2014
Happy Christmas-opens Friday, Aug. 1, and screens through Aug. 7 at the Ken Cinema-finds the filmmaker once again dabbling in millennial malaise.
mad-max-fury-road-tom-hardy2 CREDIT warner brother
July 22 2014
The summer of 2015 looks like a safe bet to reinstall all the confidence Hollywood needs to keep churning out sequels, reboots and remakes at an alarming clip
July 22 2014
The film explores themes of transition, emotional release and friendship in a tender way. It hinges entirely on the chemistry of the actors.
Wish I Was Here WEB
July 15 2014
Zach Braff means well. I truly believe that. How else can one rationalize the actor-turned-filmmaker's insanely sincere view of the world. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Richard Linklater sets up a shot with Ethan Hawke
July 15 2014
Richard Linklater's new film, Boyhood, captures the reverie and conflict of never-ending growth. It's an epic coming-of-age film about family, parenting, longing, desire, confusion, joy and memory
July 8 2014
It might not seem like it at first, but Coherence works deftly within the science-fiction genre where time remains a fluid concept
Venus in Fur
July 8 2014
Vanda (Emmanuelle Seigner) appears out of nowhere, born from thunder and lighting in the stormy opening moments of Venus in Fur
July 1 2014
In Snowpiercer, a self-sustaining high-speed train carries what's left of the world's population on a track that spans the length of the globe
Life Itself
July 1 2014
Life Itself is about the man, not the legend. In 2006, Ebert lost the ability to speak after having surgery on his jaw to remove cancerous tissue
Third Person
June 24 2014
Paul Haggis' Third Person is the comedy of the year. There's only one problem: It's supposed to be a deathly serious tragedy that ponders the interconnectedness of memory and expression
June 24 2014
Using first-person interviews and hours of footage shot amid firefights and boring downtime, the two filmmakers created a portrait of modern warfare sans flag-waving and political rhetoric
June 17 2014
Set in the never-ending Australian outback 10 years after civilization went kaput, The Rover equates loneliness to godliness through the character of Eric (Guy Pearce), a bearded nomad with nothing...
June 17 2014
Obvious Child-which opens Friday, June 20, at Hillcrest Cinemas-never claims authority when it comes to the prickly war over abortion.
How to train your dragon 2
June 10 2014
On paper, Dean DeBlois' How to Train Your Dragon 2 has all the makings of another family-friendly sequel constructed to divert the attention of screaming children for a few hours. Thankfully, this couldn't...


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