May 10 2016
There's no beauty in the breakdown according to Ben Wheatley's High-Rise. This messy and convoluted adaptation of J.G. Ballard's 1975 novel paints a dystopian future that finally begins to crumble thanks...
May 10 2016
Five Turkish police officers act like assholes in a quiet restaurant and earn themselves the ire of a sinister hooded figure that may be a gatekeeper to hell. So goes the clumsy set-up of Baskin, Cam Evrenol's...
May 3 2016
Since the mid-1970s, blusterous big budget Hollywood films have dominated the hotter months of the calendar year. Millions of marketing dollars are spent selling these titanic products (sometimes year
May 3 2016
April and the Extraordinary World: A young girl and her cat embark on an adventure through Paris in this animated Sci-fi feature from France. Screens through Thursday, May 12, at the Digital Gym Cinema...
April 26 2016
San Diego Asian Film Festival showcases 14 film programs from 10 countries including the opening night presentation of The Music of Strangers, a documentary about Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble
April 26 2016
Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier has a knack for tackling difficult subject matter with a delicate touch. His first two films—Reprise and Oslo, August 31st—are intimate dramas about confused...
April 19 2016
In the trippy opening sequence of A Hologram for the King, Alan Clay (Tom Hanks) wakes up after having a surreal Talking Heads-infused dream about failure
April 19 2016
Characters in Karyn Kusama's The Invitation often confuse mercy with mercilessness. Killing a wounded animal may be acceptable, but finishing off a wounded madman that's made your life a living hell?
April 12 2016
Jazz is a dirty word in the rule-breaking head-trip Miles Ahead. Early on, wacked out music legend Miles Davis (Don Cheadle), currently mired in a drug-induced multi-year retirement, chastises a smarm
April 12 2016
Now San Diego audiences have the chance to see Farhadi's impressive 2006 drama Fireworks Wednesday. A multi-character potboiler set primarily in a buzzing Tehran apartment complex, it foreshadows many...
April 6 2016
The gods are not crazy in Cemetery of Splendour. In fact, they are quite curious about earthly goings on, including people’s fascination with reincarnation and analyzing dreams
April 5 2016
Chloe Zhao's Songs My Brothers Taught Me tenderly depicts life on the South Dakota Pine Ridge Reservation as equally poetic and sobering
March 29 2016
Pet Shop Boys' rousing anthem "Go West" plays over the beginning and ending sequences in Jia Zhang-ke's Mountains May Depart. It's a strangely perfect music choice for a beguiling decade-spanning drama...
March 29 2016
Landmark's Ken Cinema has made it a recent tradition to spend an entire week showcasing classic films. From Friday, April 1 through Thursday, April 7, San Diego's favorite vintage theater offers an impressive...
March 22 2016
The blank page is every writer's nightmare. But for Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and food critic for the Los Angeles Times, it's just another part of a procrastination-heavy writing process
March 22 2016
Krisha likes to dramatize the process of mounting pressure, both through small narrative knife twists and flashy aesthetics
March 15 2016
Now celebrating its 23rd year, SDLFF runs through Sunday, March 20, at the AMC Fashion Valley Cinemas and the Digital Gym Cinema in North Park
March 15 2016
Dark comedy demands a tricky balancing act between diametrically opposed tones. This is why films such as Election and Dick are rarities
March 8 2016
The earthquakes in Terrence Malick's film are usually spiritual in nature, but Knight of Cups literally shakes the earth to its core
March 8 2016
How does it feel to have lost someone even when they are still in the room? Bill Sherwood's pivotal gay romantic comedy Parting Glances grapples with this difficult and heart-wrenching reality, then connects...


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