July 14 2015
Once held in (somewhat) high acclaim for making Gods and Monsters and Kinsey, two subversive biopics with human sexuality on the mind, Bill Condon sold out to Hollywood in 2006
July 7 2015
Cartel Land, the latest in a long line of recent films to address the impact of narco violence, has an eye for visual drama yet suffers from narrative imbalance.
July 7 2015
Documentaries don't come more straightforward than A Murder in the Park. It's so stylistically rote one might confuse it for an extended episode of Nightline
June 30 2015
Magic Mike XXL hardly resembles its predecessor in tone. Replacing the somber "great recession" subtext is a classical and expressive spin on the road film.
June 30 2015
And just when sequels seemed enjoyable again. Fresh off of the pure joy and exhilaration that is Magic Mike XXL, now we must endure Terminator: Genisys.
June 24 2015
Some might argue that bad sex is better than no sex at all. The Overnight begs to differ, opening with a revealing scene that shows just how compromised the joys of intimacy can become after...
June 24 2015
Gruff and grumpy, Al Pacino stars as A.J. Manglehorn, a droopy locksmith living alone in a rural Texas town. He owns a quaint brick-and-mortar operation but spends much of his time making house calls to...
June 16 2015
With Inside Out, a modest and tender exploration of memory, transition and personality, Pixar finally dives headfirst into the mind
June 16 2015
Inside a cramped tenement apartment in the Lower East Side of New York City, the Angulo brothers recreate key scenes from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.
June 10 2015
Being in shape doesn't necessarily mean you're better at being in love. If the new romantic comedy Results speaks any truth, having rock hard abs actually ensures a life of commitment issues...
June 10 2015
Thanks to Convivo, a nonprofit seeking to be "San Diego's premier Italian cultural organization," locals will get a chance to see some of the best European imports of recent years.
June 3 2015
Young Brian Wilson (Paul Dano) doesn't like the limelight. He'd rather be left alone to write music while his fellow Beach Boys tour the globe, party with groupies and claim the fame
June 3 2015
If you enjoy falcons, spirituality and serious performances from Jennifer Connolly, Aloft might seem-on paper-like the perfect film
May 27 2015
By exhibiting a heightened level of performance throughout The Seven Five, Dowd confirms his persona as an abrasive, stalwart, old-school vaudevillian who lived his professional life by a code...
May 27 2015
Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray began his career by making one of the great triptychs of all time: The Apu Trilogy, which consists of 1955's Pather Panchali, 1957's Aparajito and 1959's The World of Apu
May 20 2015
A flagrant attempt to cash in on the political discussion over drone use in foreign wars, Andrew Niccol's Good Kill patronizes the audience with grandstanding sensationalism and rhetoric
May 20 2015
Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World, which opens Friday, May 22, at the Ken Cinema, remains content to simply sit back and listen rather than engage with the subject and his legendary canon of controversial...
May 13 2015
By the end of Saint Laurent, which opens Friday, May 15, the active viewer has given up on trying to understand the myth and become infatuated with simply watching the man and his experiences...
May 13 2015
Odds are Iris Apfel is going to outlive us all. The legendary interior decorator/costume designer/ style maverick has worked in the fashion industry for more than six decades
May 6 2015
It's common practice for film critics to write an annual Summer Movie Preview to survey the onslaught of big budget sequels, prequels, tent-poles and remakes to come


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