Sept. 30 2015
Ryan Betschart and Rachel Nakawatase are on a mission. The dynamic duo behind San Diego Underground Film Festival's inaugural program screening on Saturday, Oct. 3 at the Ultrastar Mission Valley Cinemas,...
Sept. 22 2015
Humanity is struggling to breathe in Denis Villeneuve's Sicario, a brutal border thriller where violence and corruption are the languages of choice
Sept. 22 2015
Discomfort in an Alex Ross Perry film differs from your usual onscreen suffering in that it feels organically connected to characters' insecurity
Sept. 15 2015
Be wary of the film that confesses too much. Black Mass commits this sin regularly, using long and dramatic speeches to convey its “honor among thieves” edict in relation to the true story...
Sept. 15 2015
I'm convinced Tobey Maguire has never been a strong actor. He's all crazy eyes and smirk, both aggressive and meek (how is that possible?)
Sept. 8 2015
"I was so sad when Satyajit Ray died." Harper (Bridey Elliot) talks a lot of shit in Fort Tilden, but this casually racist and clueless statement spoken to an Indian cab driver might be her pièce...
Sept. 8 2015
Aviva Kempner's new film Rosenwald makes your local PBS special look stylish by comparison
Sept. 1 2015
This Fall Movie Preview will sway toward the eccentric, shining a light on the films that deserve consideration. A few of them might turn out to be major
Sept. 1 2015
A young Pakistani woman named Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed) lounges in a caravan with her drifter boyfriend, Aaron (Connor McCarron). A brutish gangster in a tracksuit carries his baby girl throug
film image-b97c3e67-337f-4a47-8a43-5d8dd8dfd269
Aug. 26 2015
Noah Baumbach can't quite find the words to describe his fruitful filmmaking partnership with actress and co-writer Greta Gerwig. “It's hard to articulate really,” he says over the phone from...
sinister 2
Aug. 26 2015
Digging for Fire: A bickering husband (Jake Johnson) and wife (Rosemarie De-Witt) set off on different (and potentially dangerous) adventures over the course of a weekend getaway
Aug. 18 2015
German director Christian Petzold has long been fascinated by the way characters hide past indiscretions to avoid future punishments
Aug. 18 2015
J.P. Sniadecki spent three years filming his latest documentary The Iron Ministry on China's railways, and what he found was a rampaging microcosm of the country's rapidly changing economy and...
Aug. 11 2015
A little bit of charm goes a long way these days. Guy Ritchie's jazzy adaptation of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. coasts by on debonair swagger alone for most of its running time
Aug. 11 2015
Unlike other great conspiracy thrillers like The Parallax View and Twilight's Last Gleaming, Brian De Palma's Blow Out has a demented sense of humor. In some ways this makes its theme of institution
Aug. 4 2015
Now, Segel seems ready for something substantial, transitioning into the realm of drama (well, kind of) with James Ponsoldt's The End of the Tour.
Aug. 4 2015
Throw a stone in any direction and you'll probably hit a San Diego-based film festival. Anyone familiar with the local scene knows that our town has a bevy of cinema-induced events ranging in style a
July 28 2015
Early on in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, a surly CIA director (Alec Baldwin) makes a convincing argument that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has gone insane.
July 28 2015
The Look of Silence functions more as an antidote to The Act of Killing than a sequel, a way for those left powerless by mass murder to find newfound strength
Irrational Man
July 21 2015
Irrational Man is a tale of two corpses. Joaquin Phoenix, an incredibly enigmatic and fidgety actor who can speak volumes by simply furling his brow, embodies them both with unsettling dedication. As


  • Visit one of the 70 participating restaurants, bars, coffeehouses and nightclubs in town on this night and 25 to 50 percent of sales will go to local HIV/AIDS services and prevention programs. 
  • Anthony Bernal and Chris Ward, who are vying to replace Todd Gloria on the San Diego City Council, will discuss urban issues, such as parking, homelessness and new developments
  • The new exhibition designed by Dave Ghilarducci is made from hundreds of rolls of packing tape and bound together by layers of plastic shrink-wrap. Visitors can navigate their way through cocoon-like passageways...
  • The renowned Mexican black and white photographer presents an exhibition exploring the principal themes within three groups: "Bestiarium"," Fantastic Women" and "Silent Natures."
  • Presented by Pacific Arts Movement, the sixth annual mini film fest features 14 film programs from 10 countries that includes everything from docs to romantic tearjerkers. See website for full lineup and...
  • The San Diego County Bike Coalition hosts this monthly bike-in happy hour event to get biking residents involved in their communities and discuss bike projects planned for that specific community
  • Debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding cannibalism at this new exhibition that takes a hands-on approach to the subject. Includes video games and interactive activities where patrons will have to decide...
  • So Say We All's monthly storytelling night features stories about those jobs we took because we had to take a job. Featured readers include Allison Gauss, Annmarie Houghtailing, Cecile Estelle, and more
  • Artists from the all-abstracts group show will talk about their work and techniques. Artists include Edwin Nutting, Danielle Nelisse, Leah Pantea, Lenore Simon, and more
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