March 18 2015
It's Monday night, and I'm 503 miles north of the CityBeat office. I'm in my new home in a neighborhood known as Mansion Flats in downtown Sacramento
March 4 2015
As I announced two weeks ago, Kelly and I are both leaving CityBeat; Kelly's last day was Tuesday. This is my tribute to her-my longtime partner in journalism, my closest friend and the little...
Feb. 18 2015
If you're not on Twitter, you might not have heard the news that my longtime associate editor, Kelly Davis, and I are both leaving CityBeat
Jan. 14 2015
I am not Charlie. By that, I don't mean to say that I don't stand in solidarity, symbolically at least, with the folks at the French publication Charlie Hebdo who were murdered last week by Islamic...
Oct. 15 2014
I knew enough about Filner that the accusations against him didn't surprise me. I know enough about DeMaio that Bosnich's claims don't surprise me, either
Oct. 1 2014
Of all the important words spoken by actor Emma Watson in her speech on feminism to the United Nations on Sept. 20, the line that jumped out at me was this: "I decided that I was a feminist, and this seemed...
June 4 2014
The bridge closure provided a great opportunity to test those theories and to study the full impact of the shutdown on the park, its institutions and the surrounding areas, and I'm eager to see what the...
March 19 2014
Richard Bloom, a Democrat who represents the Santa Monica area, wants to ban public entertainment involving killer whales, end the captive breeding of whales, bar companies from importing or exporting...
July 31 2013
You might learn to be more respectful of women, but the damage is done. You might survive a recall process, but only on technicalities. If a vote were held today on whether you should be mayor,...
June 5 2013
This issue marks the final one with Peter Holslin as music editor and Anders Wright as film editor. I know!
Feb. 12 2013
Lots of San Diegans have wanted Dave Maass to Shut! Up!-mostly those who find themselves in his argumentative crosshairs on Twitter. He certainly has a way about him
Nov. 7 2012
I'm sitting on a bench at my alma mater Calabasas High School. I'm looking over toward a walkway leading down from the softball field where I lost consciousness after Matt Behrens and I collided with...
Oct. 10 2012
Aaryn Belfer's biweekly "Backwards & in High Heels" column first appeared in CityBeat's Jan. 24, 2007. Her last column for us appears in this issue.
Oct. 10 2012
San Diego lost one of its most well-known and important figures on Saturday, when journalist Gloria Penner succumbed to the cancer she'd been battling for more than a year
Sept. 19 2012
Romney said that 47 percent of Americans pay no income tax, and those are the people, he said, who are safely deposited in Barack Obama's electorate bank
Aug. 29 2012
When Mike Aguirre was the city attorney in San Diego, he'd sometimes call me to talk excitedly about how CityBeat could help define a vision for future San Diego. I would enjoy those calls
Aug. 22 2012
Ten years. It's an eternity and a split second. CityBeat's first issue came out on Aug. 21, 2002, and it seems like a lifetime ago, and like yesterday. Not even a year had passed since terrorists flew...
March 14 2012
Ironically, thanks to a declining print-publishing industry in general and the worst economic downtown since the Depression, the better we've become, the more we've flailed financially
March 7 2012
If you made a list of all the prominent people in San Diego and ranked them according to how likely it would be that they'd be accused of cooking books, laundering money and improperly feathering their...
Jan. 25 2012
On Sunday, new U-T San Diego poobahs Doug Manchester and John Lynch said we “must not let the boundaries of our city's enormous possibilities be limited by too-modest dreams of our own.”...


  • Visit one of the 70 participating restaurants, bars, coffeehouses and nightclubs in town on this night and 25 to 50 percent of sales will go to local HIV/AIDS services and prevention programs. 
  • Anthony Bernal and Chris Ward, who are vying to replace Todd Gloria on the San Diego City Council, will discuss urban issues, such as parking, homelessness and new developments
  • The new exhibition designed by Dave Ghilarducci is made from hundreds of rolls of packing tape and bound together by layers of plastic shrink-wrap. Visitors can navigate their way through cocoon-like passageways...
  • The renowned Mexican black and white photographer presents an exhibition exploring the principal themes within three groups: "Bestiarium"," Fantastic Women" and "Silent Natures."
  • Presented by Pacific Arts Movement, the sixth annual mini film fest features 14 film programs from 10 countries that includes everything from docs to romantic tearjerkers. See website for full lineup and...
  • The San Diego County Bike Coalition hosts this monthly bike-in happy hour event to get biking residents involved in their communities and discuss bike projects planned for that specific community
  • Debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding cannibalism at this new exhibition that takes a hands-on approach to the subject. Includes video games and interactive activities where patrons will have to decide...
  • So Say We All's monthly storytelling night features stories about those jobs we took because we had to take a job. Featured readers include Allison Gauss, Annmarie Houghtailing, Cecile Estelle, and more
  • Artists from the all-abstracts group show will talk about their work and techniques. Artists include Edwin Nutting, Danielle Nelisse, Leah Pantea, Lenore Simon, and more
See all events on Thursday, Apr 28