Sept. 2 2015
I’m writing this letter to say thank you for Alex Zaragoza’s August 26 article “The Fight to Reunite.” I was overwhelmed to read about the families who can’t be together because...
Aug. 26 2015
Thanks for the editor’s letter [“Caring about bike sharing,” Aug. 19]. However, you have one major thing wrong
Aug. 19 2015
I am in accord with [A white persons guide to activism, July 22] and appreciate the clarity [Aaryn Belfer] brings to your community
Aug. 12 2015
As a 52-year-old black man, I admit to having shed a tear or two of joy that there are more people like you in our great country than ever and despite the hardships we will win the struggle to remove the...
Aug. 4 2015
Thank you Aaryn Belfer for writing such an amazing article on how to be an "interrupter" [A white person's guide to activism, July 22]
July 29 2015
Through tears I thank Aaryn Belfer for her essay. [A white persons guide to activism, July 22]. On Sunday I posted this plea to my friends and family around the world: If you are a white American Im asking...
July 22 2015
Wow, Kinsee Morlan, stunning cover feature on Kathleen Mitchell [A painful passion, July 1], her glass work, her trauma, her being. I am so glad you stayed with CityBeat. This latest...
July 15 2015
Here we go again, poor Aaryn Belfer, Backwards & In High Heels, lamenting in her column Joy mixed with pain [July 1] about the social injustices perpetrated by our country.
July 8 2015
While I laud Chad Peaces goal that elections serve the people rather than the political parties [Political parties block your fundamental right to vote, July 1], I disagree with his thesis and method
July 1 2015
I think what is wrong with San Diego State University student Anthony Berteauxs statement is that he made it a righteous demand, when he should have said it was his opinion [Whats the deal with Seinfeld...
June 24 2015
Republicans on offense. Democrats on defense. Eight years of being audacious to hope, and creeping incremental change. Democrats have been running away from Obama, and The Affordable Care Act
June 16 2015
DEATH WITH DIGNITY I am grateful to the California Senators for passing SB 128, End of Life Option Act [Yes to death with dignity, June 10]. I have terminal melanoma. So far, it cost me two
June 10 2015
At the risk of sounding like a get-off-my-lawn kind of guy, I have a few questions for Ryan Bradford regarding his experiences at the recent Neil Diamond concert [The night I crashed Neil Diamond, June...
June 3 2015
Great article by Michael Gardiner [Just the tip, May 27]. One HUGE factor not discussed however, is minimum wage. In rural Colorado (when I lived there), there was no minimum wage for wait staff so my...
May 27 2015
I loved Aaryn Belfers column [Bail setting is racially imbalanced, May 13], as well as her previous work
May 20 2015
I really enjoyed your piece called Everybody out of the water [From the Editor, April 15]. Fun and funny writing about a painfully serious topic
May 13 2015
Editors note: I reached out to the highly regarded, former U-T sportswriter for comment on the impending sale of the newspaper (see our editorial). His reply was so eloquent and insightful it needed...
May 6 2015
Thank you, Ron Donoho, for the “Call the Chargers’ bluff” editorial [April 29]. The combination of this editorial, along with publishing Mr. Baldwin’s April 29 (critical) letter...
April 28 2015
The kind of content mill-generated clickbait garbage one sees on those annoying pay-for-placement ads scattered around the web. What that doesn't answer is what in the world it is doing littering the pages...
April 21 2015
Thanks for your excellent write up ("Everybody out of the water," April 15). One quick solution: In Australia during their long drought of more than 10 years, they have installed 100 desalinization plants,...


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