Nov. 28 2016
First of all, let's get something straight. Complaining that Hillary Clinton should be president because she won the popular vote is like saying George Foreman won the Rumble in the Jungle because he connected...
Nov. 14 2016
I am so mad at my ex-wife. It has been about two years since we split and for all my efforts she refuses to have post-breakup sex with me
Oct. 18 2016
At last, the state will vote on recreational pot smoking: California Proposition 64. The initiative is commonly known as The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), and the fact that it's even up for a vote...
Oct. 3 2016
Did you hear Donald Trump repeatedly sniffling his nose during the last Presidential debate? If I were a lesser man, I would say dude was pretty coked up. Of course, it would be wrong to make such a comment...
Sept. 19 2016
Here's a fact that is so factual it's whack! In 2003, A Dutch scientist named Kees Moeliker won a Noble Prize in Biology for his paper about a male mallard he observed humping the anus of a deceased male...
Sept. 6 2016
He fired a shot across the bow of the privileged majority and now the glaring red rockets of reactionary defensiveness are bursting around him. This is especially true on the social media pages where the...
Aug. 22 2016
I love TV. Especially these days—what with all the streaming services and cable broadcasters improving the landscape. However, it is still television, and television has an unnerving ability to...
Aug. 8 2016
The news that Donald Trump received a medical deferment exempting him from the Vietnam War draft is causing quite a problem for his campaign
July 25 2016
You have probably heard that parts of the speech delivered last week by Donald Trump's wife, Melania, at the 2016 Republican National Convention were plagiarized from a 2008 Michelle Obama DNC speech
July 11 2016
On June 17, 2016, while in New York visiting my parents, The Mother lost her iPod and mobile phone. This was quite a tragedy given that she only recently learned how to use the darn things
June 28 2016
In other words, it's not right to call someone a bigot for pointing out the inherent bigotry of Islam. If you think that makes me a bigot please note, I am not condemning Muslims
June 13 2016
In September of 2009 I wrote a column called Beer Snobs in which I carried on about the wave of snobbery that had accompanied the craft brewery explosion of that time
May 30 2016
I moved from New York to San Diego in 1985. After spending the first five years landlocked in a dumpy Clairemont complex, I relocated to a neighborhood in the northwest end of Ocean Beach called the War...
May 16 2016
It has become something of an obsession. I don't know exactly when it started, perhaps 10 years ago, when I noticed increasingly more bartenders were not showing gratitude for the tips they were give
May 2 2016
As you have probably heard, North Carolina passed a bill called the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which requires transgender individuals to use the public restrooms that match their birth certificate...
April 18 2016
So hey—for this special April 20 issue of CityBeat—can we agree on one thing? That all this 420 infatuation is kind of dopey
April 4 2016
So it's official. The Vatican has confirmed the second miracle by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and she will be designated as a saint this September
March 21 2016
As they have done every year since 2012, released a study of its users' trends in 2015 and it turns out, the single most searched term was "lesbian." Now that's progress! Only tw
March 7 2016
Take for instance the cockamamie opinion that we should ban Muslims from entering the country. Yes, I know it's just an opinion, and opinions cannot be wrong, except they can be wrong. This one is quite...
Feb. 22 2016
Have you heard about the movie Free the Nipple and the activist organization of the same name? Free the Nipple is a docudrama about a group of feminists striving for topfreedom—the righ


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