May 16 2016
It has become something of an obsession. I don't know exactly when it started, perhaps 10 years ago, when I noticed increasingly more bartenders were not showing gratitude for the tips they were give
May 2 2016
As you have probably heard, North Carolina passed a bill called the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which requires transgender individuals to use the public restrooms that match their birth certificate...
April 18 2016
So hey—for this special April 20 issue of CityBeat—can we agree on one thing? That all this 420 infatuation is kind of dopey
April 4 2016
So it's official. The Vatican has confirmed the second miracle by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and she will be designated as a saint this September
March 21 2016
As they have done every year since 2012, released a study of its users' trends in 2015 and it turns out, the single most searched term was "lesbian." Now that's progress! Only tw
March 7 2016
Take for instance the cockamamie opinion that we should ban Muslims from entering the country. Yes, I know it's just an opinion, and opinions cannot be wrong, except they can be wrong. This one is quite...
Feb. 22 2016
Have you heard about the movie Free the Nipple and the activist organization of the same name? Free the Nipple is a docudrama about a group of feminists striving for topfreedom—the righ
Feb. 8 2016
Well guess what people: Sordid Tales don't do love montages. Sordid Tales rejects Love. It detests Love. Sordid Tales thinks Love is for people who don't have Xbox
Jan. 25 2016
Giants Stadium, December 23, 1995: It was the last game of the season and the 5-10 Giants were eliminated from playoff contention while the 8-7 Chargers needed a win to advance. On the night before the...
Jan. 11 2016
Oh, the New Year! How I adore the barrage of inspirational clichés, sappy memes and cheeseball psychologies to motivate us through the hellish labyrinths of our yearly resolutions
Dec. 29 2015
I've been thinking about the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and the allegations that have surfaced in recent years about it glorifying date rape. The more I think about it, the more I disagree.&nb
Dec. 14 2015
Being single and childless has advantages but there is certainly a tradeoff. One of those times when it sucks to be a middle-aged man with no wife or kids is, of course, Christmas
Nov. 30 2015
After enjoying a most excellent breakfast in a Sacramento restaurant called The Tower, I headed to the restrooms only to discover about eight people—oh, be still my beating bladder—waiting...
Nov. 16 2015
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) got himself into some hot water recently when he said you need to fear God to be president
Nov. 2 2015
Wil Wheaton, a.k.a. Wesley Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation, lashed out at Huffington Post recently after the online news provider asked to reprint his blog article—for free!
Oct. 19 2015
The man on the radio sobs as he reports the cause. "Playboy magazine," he says, "will no longer feature photos of naked women."
Oct. 5 2015
"I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation," Republican presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson said after Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd asked if a candidate's faith should matter...
Sept. 21 2015
"Dear future husband / Here's a few things you'll need to know," sings Meghan Trainor at the outset of her hit song, "Dear Future Husband," which—when I first heard that line—made me think,...
Sept. 8 2015
Almost everything we know was told to us by someone else. If you don't know this simple truth, then you are ignorant. Now don't get your bunions all in a bunch. I don't mean ignorant as in stupid
Aug. 24 2015
And so, after two unsuccessful attempts by the Island of Maui to murder me in the face a lot, I grabbed my uninflated blow-up flotation donut and splashed into the beautiful but deadly waters of Kok? Beach


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