Aug. 10 2011
Having grown up in San Diego seeing so many creative, smart people move to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Europe and other, less-deserty pastures, I always admired those who stayed, or relocated,...
July 26 2011
Punya and Abhijeet, both in their late 20s, told me they were the only two guys from hundreds in the company's Bangalore office who'd been sent to San Diego for training. So, these were the voices on...
June 28 2011
Long before the Gaslamp Quarter became the gentrified playground of San Diego's young 9-to-5ers, there was this giant antique mall down there, south of Market
June 14 2011
If New York is the city that never sleeps, San Diego is the city that has a glass of warm soymilk before tucking itself into bed at 8:30.Sure, you've got your weekend Pacific Beach bro-fest, your
June 1 2011
Five people were arrested on Saturday for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C
May 17 2011
I'm sure you've heard about Irwin Jacobs' plan to invest in a park renovation that would remove cars from the Plaza De Panama in the heart of the park and divert traffic coming off of the Cabrillo Bridge...
May 3 2011
Living smack in front of the tide pools in O.B. for 11 years will make an amateur pelican expert out of you, and it occurs to me that this year, something looks different
April 18 2011
It's already happening across the country. The New York Times reported that since Republicans made gains in the mid-term elections, 29 states now have anti-choice governors and 15 have both anti-choice...
April 4 2011
One of the more interesting yet under-reported stories from the ongoing disaster in Japan is about how the Tokyo Electric Power Company has ramped up its effort to find workers willing to brave the...
March 22 2011
Shut down San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant! If enough of us demand it, it will happen. Raise your voices! Send letters! Organize a demonstration! Walk like an Egyptian!
March 9 2011
A new friend came over to my beach cottage for dinner the other night and spent half the time texting
Feb. 23 2011
Have you heard about the effort to rename the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge after Ronald Reagan? When I found out about it at the beginning of February, I decided to make damn sure it would never happen
Feb. 9 2011
Back in 2000, a small article appeared in the U.K. Guardian about how astronauts, as part of U.S. and Russian research programs designed to help understand human survival in long-term orbit, had been fornicating...
Jan. 26 2011
When The New York Times Magazine reported this month that The Leaky B@@b, the popular breastfeeding support group, had its homepage deleted by Facebook, the group Mothers I Like Breastfeeding (MILBF) was...
Jan. 12 2011
In at least one way, your dog might be smarter than you. If you were given more than a thousand objects, each assigned with a proper-noun name, could you memorize and correctly identify all of them? Chaser,...
Dec. 29 2010
That was quick—2010 came and went like Ugg Boots, vodka martinis and the recession. Still here? Well, I can dream. Anyway, Presently Tense readers know I care more about annual resolutions than trends....
Dec. 15 2010
A friend just returned from several months in England and reported that a lot of folks over there still have good things to say about President Obama. Europe's memory of eight years of George W. Bush's...
Dec. 1 2010
At Thanksgiving, I asked an artist friend what she thought of the new Christo project. “Is he still alive?” she asked.It was an unintentionally poignant question, considering that Christo's...
Nov. 17 2010
This probably won't earn me any high fives, but I feel the need to say something. I'm sick of biting my tongue on this one. My point is simply this: Woody Allen is not Roman Polanski. Yes, they're both...
Nov. 3 2010
“I want you to play drums with me.” It's Tom, the bassist, my old bandmate and a cancer survivor. He's just moved back to San Diego from New York, and I haven't seen him in years. “I...


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