April 25 2016
Without question, it is long past time for such changes, and the Treasury Department should be applauded for making it rain women, but particularly Tubman. I mean, a black woman on the front of the $20?...
April 11 2016
Photo by Malingering/Flickr I'm a sports fan. Football. Soccer. Basketball (college and pro). Tennistennistennis of any kind. But there are few things I like less than baseball. It seems complet
March 28 2016
"Lincoln High fight leads to dispute over discipline." That is the headline of a somewhat lengthy story published recently by The San Diego Union Tribune. A photo accompanying the story affirms the media's—and...
March 14 2016
In yet another completely unsurprising turn of events last week, 26-year-old Rakeem Jones, who is black, was being escorted out of a Trump rally in North Carolina along with several other protesters, when...
Feb. 29 2016
I'm fortunate I was able to get help from a professional who diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), an affliction that 6.8 million people—and twice as many women as men—suffer...
Feb. 1 2016
You may have seen it: the photo of six laughing, college-bound white girls at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, in black shirts with gold block lettering that spelled out the n-word
Jan. 19 2016
I'm at a cocktail party, having a conversation with a stranger who has taken a polite interest in my child. She is asking the typical questions: Where does your daughter attend school? Does she play sports?...
Jan. 4 2016
It's a bitter pill getting back into real life after a gluttonous holiday bender, isn't it? I spent the last part of the year in Seattle, where the separation of trash from recyclables is more tedious...
Dec. 21 2015
On the morning after I stayed at my then-boyfriend-now-husband's house for the first time, he made me breakfast. Dexter Gordon's "I'm a Fool to Want You" was playing
Dec. 8 2015
This event was put together by a non-entity that goes by the name of Reclaiming the Community (RTC). Per the program notes, RTC is "a coalition of individuals, community leaders and organizations that...
Nov. 23 2015
Just one day after San Diego City Councilmembers donned their selective-thinking caps and voted 7 to 2 in favor of jacking up water rates for residents, a headline in The San Diego Union-Tribune told the...
Nov. 9 2015
My husband and I bought our small-but-mighty home in the blandly named College Area in 2002. Newly married and in a fortunate position to buy thanks to a generous loan from my mother (that's an example...
Oct. 26 2015
It's that time of the month again for me. I'm not talking about Aunt Flo, either, because I don't have a whole lot of visits from her at this particular life juncture, if you know what I'm saying
Oct. 14 2015
WASHINGTON D.C.—In a bold and historic move, with the winds of public opinion blasting at its sails, Congress took swift action late last week to finally address with some seriousness the nation’s...
Sept. 29 2015
I'm turning into a one-trick pony in this here precious space, but somebody's got to do it. And as soon as white people quit being dicks and we solve racism, then I promise, I'll shift gears forever
Sept. 15 2015
On the one-year anniversary since her department began using body cameras, and under the false pretense of public safety and maintaining the peace, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman doubled-down...
Aug. 31 2015
Roughly 25 miles north of the city of San Diego, nestled between Solana Beach and Carlsbad, is a fairytale town by the sea. Life is quite idyllic there, with the higher-than-state-median household inc
Aug. 17 2015
We side-eyed knowing we were in trouble before our chauffeur laughed and said, "I didn't expect you guys to be white!"
Aug. 3 2015
In nearly 10 years of writing this column I've never had a piece go viral. To say I'm stunned by the reach of this last one is an understatement in the same way that "all lives matter" is a myth, but more...
July 20 2015
Dead is final. And Sandra Bland is dead. The 28-year-old black activist was driving to her new job in Texas on July 10 when she was stopped by police for changing lanes without indicating


  • Visit one of the 70 participating restaurants, bars, coffeehouses and nightclubs in town on this night and 25 to 50 percent of sales will go to local HIV/AIDS services and prevention programs. 
  • Anthony Bernal and Chris Ward, who are vying to replace Todd Gloria on the San Diego City Council, will discuss urban issues, such as parking, homelessness and new developments
  • The new exhibition designed by Dave Ghilarducci is made from hundreds of rolls of packing tape and bound together by layers of plastic shrink-wrap. Visitors can navigate their way through cocoon-like passageways...
  • The renowned Mexican black and white photographer presents an exhibition exploring the principal themes within three groups: "Bestiarium"," Fantastic Women" and "Silent Natures."
  • Presented by Pacific Arts Movement, the sixth annual mini film fest features 14 film programs from 10 countries that includes everything from docs to romantic tearjerkers. See website for full lineup and...
  • The San Diego County Bike Coalition hosts this monthly bike-in happy hour event to get biking residents involved in their communities and discuss bike projects planned for that specific community
  • Debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding cannibalism at this new exhibition that takes a hands-on approach to the subject. Includes video games and interactive activities where patrons will have to decide...
  • So Say We All's monthly storytelling night features stories about those jobs we took because we had to take a job. Featured readers include Allison Gauss, Annmarie Houghtailing, Cecile Estelle, and more
  • Artists from the all-abstracts group show will talk about their work and techniques. Artists include Edwin Nutting, Danielle Nelisse, Leah Pantea, Lenore Simon, and more
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