Jan. 22 2008
Happy birthday, Roe--may there be many more
Jan. 8 2008
Healthcare sucks, and the world keeps spinning on her axis
Dec. 25 2007
Here's some free birth control for anyone on the fence
Dec. 11 2007
A few things in our sorry little culture that make me an angry woman
Nov. 27 2007
A traditionally twisted visit home for the holidays
Nov. 13 2007
What every girl needs is a friend to roam with
Oct. 30 2007
A day at the pumpkin patch is everything I'd imagined it could be
Oct. 16 2007
What I really wanted to say to the woman whose ill-behaved child chucked a can from the car
Oct. 3 2007
We've heard it a thousand times, and still it's not enough
Sept. 17 2007
I have an exit strategy that will deliver us from Bush
Sept. 1 2007
Must we really go through this still? It's 2007, after all. Is being gay really that fringy?
Aug. 22 2007
Read any good books lately?
Aug. 8 2007
After what they put us through, who's in the mood?
July 25 2007
Recconecting with the way we was
July 11 2007
I'm watching you, SDSU, and your golf pros, too
June 27 2007
One night on a busy street and baby makes three
June 13 2007
Soul of the Congressional Black Caucus bought at a deep discount
May 30 2007
My depilatory lessons can spare you embarrassment
May 16 2007
Being a skeptic, I had always dismissed as irrelevant relationships formed on the Internet
May 2 2007
Being the first female with a shot just isn't enough


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