Aug. 17 2011
I needed to know how much it would take before I would budown the house and walk away forever. I needed to see if Mr. McGee (not his real name) could actually be a responsible adult and drop his kid...
Aug. 3 2011
It turns out that, when your child goes to a school being slowly devastated, like so many others, by the decisions of people who prioritize war and the interests of a few rich folks, you'll do some crazy...
July 20 2011
I won't laugh at you or make snarky remarks about the slow process of decline that is about to engulf you like a novice snowboarder caught unawares and goofy-foot in an avalanche. Because, truth be...
July 6 2011
I'm over the moon and two stars to the left because the state budget passed last week and with it comes a savings of roughly $260 a year! Can you stand it? It's a veritable coup
June 22 2011
If you're blind, deaf, dumb, lame, old, young, brown and/or poor, you may no longer have services, but you can be proud, knowing you're shouldering all of the sacrifice
June 8 2011
Oy vey. Has it been the season for awful behavior or what?
May 23 2011
Trying to get a decent public education for your child in this city is like walking up a down escalator. On crutches. While simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your tummy
May 11 2011
Each year on this day, my mother asked for the exact same thing, which was to be left alone—preferably on our sun deck in her seasons-old threadbare bikini, with a tube of Bain de Soleil, a crossword...
April 27 2011
As sad as some moments were, my trip to the homeland was a real-life version of The Twilight Zone, an adventure in the surreal
April 13 2011
Late last week, Radar Online posted photos of a pregnant Kate Hudson drinking a glass of what looked like red wine while vacationing with her boyfriend in Argentina.
March 30 2011
When it comes to self-indulgence, there are three types of people in the world
March 15 2011
Any opportunity I offer my child—from walking the dog to taking piano lessons to learning about tsunamis through wild bathtub splashing (who wouldn't want to do that?!?)—is met with a definitive...
March 2 2011
As I write this, the battle between the mouth-breathing governor of Wisconsin and American workers is raging
Feb. 16 2011
One of my daughter's schoolmates walked up to me the other day, her blue eyes wide, and apropos of nothing, said, “If you don't go to church, you can't know God.”
Feb. 2 2011
It was Monday, Dec. 20, and we weren't expecting my in-laws for another four days. But then the phone rang. “We're making really great time. The weather's been terrific, and there's hardly any traffic....
Jan. 19 2011
“I'm not depending on fashion because what I do is very individual and this is mine and I enjoy it. That's all. Nobody else has to like it as long as I look in the mirror and—Ah!— this...
Jan. 5 2011
As far as I'm concerned, New Year's resolutions are for other people. You want to make enough of them to fill a Torah-length scroll? Good for you. Way to be ambitious. I, on the other hand, never make...
Dec. 22 2010
I don't know when it happened, but San Diegans have become the biggest bunch of whining boobs since Ryan Leaf, his voice breaking, cried in the Chargers locker room like a Super Sweet 16 brat who gets...
Dec. 8 2010
If you want a uniquely titillating experience this holiday season—or any season, really— make your way to San Diego Hardware. It's not the wide selection of hinges or door handles or towel...
Nov. 24 2010
I think it's official: I'm a curmudgeonly old person. I listen almost exclusively to NPR. I recount, daily, how there were naps and no homework when I was in kindergarten. I sometimes drink coffee with...


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