Dec. 22 2010
I don't know when it happened, but San Diegans have become the biggest bunch of whining boobs since Ryan Leaf, his voice breaking, cried in the Chargers locker room like a Super Sweet 16 brat who gets...
Dec. 8 2010
If you want a uniquely titillating experience this holiday season—or any season, really— make your way to San Diego Hardware. It's not the wide selection of hinges or door handles or towel...
Nov. 24 2010
I think it's official: I'm a curmudgeonly old person. I listen almost exclusively to NPR. I recount, daily, how there were naps and no homework when I was in kindergarten. I sometimes drink coffee with...
Nov. 10 2010
It was during the afternoon of the day I experienced my first-ever anxiety attack—while driving to work—that I sat, parked in front of my friend's house, and took the Should I Quit...
Ankylosaurus and me
Oct. 27 2010
Next to questions about how babies are made, it's all dinosaurs all the time in my house these days. The discussions began more than a year ago with a mention here and a question there, until my then-4-year-old...
Oct. 13 2010
It's quite possible that my household is the last one on the planet without a DVR. I keep lobbying for one, but my pleas are met, every time, with counter arguments superior to my much weaker begging points....
Sept. 29 2010
Confession: I am not a stoner. I've smoked weed in my life, a lot of it by some standards, I suppose. And while I think it should be legalized—along with prostitution, gay marriage and the right...
Sept. 15 2010
It's official. Last Tuesday—after I helped thread her arms through the stiff straps of a backpack covered in more pink and white butterflies than were flitting around in my stomach—I walked...
Sept. 1 2010
“NUKE ALL RAGHEADS” was painted across the rear window of the '90s-era, silvery-blue, sun-splotched Buick. There were small American flags attached to the driver- and passenger-side doors,...
Aug. 18 2010
I was practically falling over myself with a combination of glee and envy last week when I heard the story about Steven Slater's epic resignation. As everyone knows by now, he's the JetBlue flight attendant...
Aug. 4 2010
“The company that looked at Petco Park recently tends to do studies that show that the numbers pan out for stadiums, that they're good investments. And so, you know, you may see fairly soon a study...
July 21 2010
While browsing the fashion collages posted at Polyvore the other day (, I clicked on a link for a brooch that had caught my eye and received the following message: “This item appears...
July 7 2010
If you were to offer me $10 million to do high school over again, I would turn you down before you could finish your sentence. It wouldn't matter if I were allowed to take with me all the hindsight I've...
June 23 2010
Urging American soccer haters to reconsider their position
June 8 2010
Oh, Internet, you're bad for me but I just can't quit you
May 25 2010
An open letter and a plea to a restaurateur
May 11 2010
Solving first world problems, one friend at a time
April 27 2010
Don't believe the current bad rap on adoption
April 13 2010
A beard, to me, is the anti-Kama Sutra
March 30 2010
Barack Obama gives Repubs a long overdue time-out


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