Aug. 4 2009
A couple ovaries and some white privilege can go a long way
July 21 2009
Would you like your refund in installments or one lump sum?
July 7 2009
Play it safe and keep the score to yourself, would you?
June 23 2009
Hold the racist's feet to the fire
June 9 2009
Family Obama continues to rock the cheap duds
May 26 2009
Three weeks, two friends, one dog and a compact car
May 12 2009
San Diego gets a new (gulp!) slogan
April 28 2009
Trying to mother from the middle ground
April 14 2009
Michelle Obama must stay the course on the fashion issue
April 1 2009
A little change of heart means big changes at home
March 17 2009
Faced with an incomprehensible budget shortfall, San Diego Unified throws the baby out with the bath water
March 3 2009
Settle down, PETA, I don't want to drown them in a bag of rocks
Feb. 17 2009
Can we all just finally agree that the Holocaust didn't happen?
Feb. 3 2009
The Pope and octuplets and a whole slew of other offenses are too much fodder for this writer to handle in a sensible manner—someone should take her license away
Jan. 20 2009
How Facebook is so awful, so bizarre, so ridiculous and so completely addictive that it makes a hypocrite out of this writer
Jan. 6 2009
An open letter to the new year
Dec. 22 2008
You can lead a Jew to Christmas, but can you make him feel it?
Dec. 9 2008
Beware of the newly released Christmas classics
Nov. 25 2008
I love her, but can I avoid becoming her?
Nov. 11 2008
it's my last column about The Messiah, I swear


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