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Sept. 2 2008
I may get dooced, but the alternative is to hold it in and get cancer
Aug. 19 2008
This sister won’t go to the rest home in slippers
Aug. 5 2008
It’s good to be home, but I love being gone, too
July 22 2008
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf Stream waters
July 8 2008
I suffer so that you don’t have to
June 24 2008
Especially the hateable ones—they’re the worst
June 10 2008
Let’s give the good ones what they deserve
May 27 2008
Mr. Smith needs to put his people to righteous work
May 13 2008
Who knew that propylene glycol wasn’t biodegradable?
April 29 2008
Indoctrinating the next generation
April 15 2008
A story of hair and identity
March 31 2008
A left note, spoken promises and a little restoration in humanity
March 18 2008
One woman goes where only the manliest of men venture
March 4 2008
The idea of settling is terribly unsettling
Feb. 19 2008
What’s institutional racism without the institutions to support it?
Feb. 5 2008
All I ever learned in school I get to relearn
Jan. 22 2008
Happy birthday, Roe--may there be many more
Jan. 8 2008
Healthcare sucks, and the world keeps spinning on her axis
Dec. 25 2007
Here's some free birth control for anyone on the fence
Dec. 11 2007
A few things in our sorry little culture that make me an angry woman


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