Jan. 15 2013
There isn't anywhere to sit at Stardust Donut Shop in Imperial Beach. From inside, 69-year-old Cliff Arnold waits on customers as they walk up to the little stand's window and choose what they want from...
Aug. 21 2012
In the last decade, CityBeat's food writers have hit up fancy spots, holes-in-the-wall, authentic ethnic eateries and even strip clubs (see below) in the hopes of turning readers on to the best places...
March 26 2012
Build your own burger or choose from one of the creations they've already dreamed up for you
March 19 2012
There's something timeless and humble about a fish sandwich, and with the recent uptick in fast-and-fresh fish houses in San Diego, there's no shortage of variations to try
March 12 2012
I was pleased to discover the cavernous confines of Via Moto in Santee. The sprawl of Mission Gorge Road may not be the hippest of locales, but if you're looking for something tasty that starts with...
March 5 2012
In terms of layout and dining style, imagine the fanciest Chipotle you've ever been to—with far tastier eats
Feb. 27 2012
Less than a mile away and triple Yakitori's size, Hinotez exudes more of a restaurant vibe than that of a boisterous izakaya (Japanese for “pub”)
Feb. 20 2012
Over the years, I've found that San Diego's dim sum options aren't plentiful, but there are some lesser-known gems
Feb. 13 2012
The narrow, humble space is warm with colorful art and lively patrons equally engaged in food, drink and conversation
Feb. 6 2012
It's best to leave your craft-cocktailing, farm-to-tabling, dining predispositions at the door and enjoy the no-frills meat-and-booze den for what it is
Jan. 30 2012
Malarkey's front-of-the-house post—near the kitchen's expo area over which he keeps a watchful eye—garners handshakes and hugs from locals who echo the sentiment that Gingham is tailored...
Jan. 23 2012
Aside from the rumored delish Italian fare served small-plates style, I was equally curious about what all the growing fuss amounted to
Jan. 16 2012
Tortas are arguably the unsung hero of Mexican street food, competing with tacos in a popularity contest they've seemingly lost in the states
Jan. 9 2012
I'll return if just for the breakfast “pot pie” ($8.50)—a buttery, flaky, perfect puff pastry cradling down-home-tasting sausage gravy, a mix of vegetables and sunny-side-up egg
Jan. 2 2012
We started our seated dining experience with Brown Butter & Lemon popcorn, a welcome change from the ubiquitous “let's cover something in truffle oil” appetizer
Dec. 26 2011
Pollos Maria in Oceanside is trying to be more than just a place serving up greasy, overdone Mexican favorites. Its specialty is broiled chicken, and the folks there have kindly installed a large, plate-glass...
Dec. 19 2011
Husband and wife team Bratzo and Daniella Basagoitia have clearly poured their hearts and creativity into their restaurant, and the menu has all sorts of fun treasures to mine
Dec. 12 2011
My new favorite thing to eat (and say) is Bul Gogi Dup Bap, a relatively common yet utterly delicious dish of sirloin marinated in a sauce—possibly angel tears—that's both rich and savory...
Dec. 5 2011
Though there are still bumps and kinks to work out, it appears to me that the new team is busting its hump to turn Urban Grind back into an open gathering place with quality products and friendly employees
Nov. 28 2011
The Range shares a corner with The Ruby Room nightclub and has a bright, shiny disposition. There's plenty of seating upstairs, downstairs and along the bar, as well as in a more private—and, ironically,...


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