Oct. 6 2010
The research chemists among you know something I, too, have had a handle on all along (yeah, right)— that sulfites are trigonal pyramidal compounds composing the conjugate base of sulfurous acid,...
Sept. 15 2010
The name “Fu-Ki Sake” looks just enough like an off-color phrase to get your attention, which, of course, leads your filthy mind to think the manufacturers deliberately slapped it across the...
Aug. 25 2010
I usually tell you to run out and buy a bottle of this or that or the other thing from your favoritest wine store, and that's part of the point of this column. I mean, if you can't actually score the product...
Aug. 11 2010
For better or worse, Thousand Oaks is the de facto starting point for northwestern L.A.'s social and cultural influence as you're heading southeast from Ventura County—but as a former nearby resident,...
July 28 2010
Besides the neo-punk-inspired illustration on the front, Chronic Cellars' 2008 LaMuneca has an interesting little marketing tool at the top of the bottle
July 14 2010
Besides being my favorite Shakespeare play, The Tempest features a very cool spirit named Ariel, rescued at one point from a tree in which the poopface Sycorax was holding it. A 19th-century production...
June 30 2010
As much as I like my wine, I have to confess that the industry vocabulary can be just as much fun. For example, I've professed my profound admiration for the versatility behind the term Gewürztraminer,...
June 23 2010
Clairemont Mesa's Nazca Grill fries it right and piles on the rice
June 16 2010
I'm not kidding: Pour port on top of your ice cream
June 1 2010
Drinking Seven Daughters is better than having seven daughters, no matter what one Chinese dude thinks
May 18 2010
Reunis Les Leves' 2008 Bordeaux, Grand Theatre, is singing my showtune
May 4 2010
Try the 2008 A by Acacia Chardonnay next time you travel to the nether regions
April 20 2010
You name it; Ballentine Vineyards' 2005 Merlot goes well with it
March 30 2010
Just in time for Easter, it's Bunratty Meade, out of Ireland's Bunratty Winery
March 16 2010
2009 Chardonnay from Chile's Vina la Fortuna recalls—Malibu?
Feb. 23 2010
Next time you're dining on cottage cheese and ketchup, reach for the 2007 Merlot from 181 Wine Cellars
Feb. 9 2010
Sparse label design hints at the wonders within the bottle of Kennedy Family Vineyards' 2006 Pinot Grigio
Jan. 26 2010
How A to Z Wineworks' 2007 Riesling is just like a kazoo
Jan. 12 2010
Bodega Hinojosa Winery's 2 Copas will help you forget all kinds of troubles
Dec. 29 2009
Surprisingly, Korbel's Chardonnay Champagne doesn't make me fall to pieces
“The Internet was a wonderful invention. It was a wonderful network which people used to remind other people that they were awful pieces of shit.” It’s a hell of a way to start a novel,...


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