Sept. 30 2015
The old walls of George Mullen’s Market Street workspace—dubbed StudioRevolution—are filled with paintings (nudes and landscapes, interspersed with his “City of Life” renderings)...
Sept. 16 2015
"We need to stop with the happy talk and actually deal with what’s going on.” Those words demonstrate that Gregory Thomas Morales is not your prototypical political candidate in the making
Sept. 2 2015
A couple months ago, Block had a stock line when asked about rumors that termed-out state Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins was considering a challenge to his re-election plans
Aug. 19 2015
The dark-suited Boys of Summer had gathered again, this time at a vacant lot perched above Mission Valley next to a pair of thick binders that appeared to be sprouting from the weedy soil
Aug. 5 2015
You have to hand it to Mayor Kevin All Smiles Faulconer. He could be standing on a freeway with a hornblasting 18-wheeler bearing down on him, and youd still expect him to beam while proclaiming, Isnt...
July 22 2015
He is a mayor who is all smiles publicly. But the latest City Hall fracas facing Kevin Faulconer likely has evoked a private frowny face or two
July 8 2015
Hey everybody! Hows that for an entrance? Beats the leotard off last years zip-line arrival, eh? Yeah, that harness left a few marks, if you know what I mean. Plus I had to share the spotlight with then-City...
June 23 2015
It's become clear that local political leaders have hit a wall in their dealings with the San Diego Chargers on a new stadium.
June 10 2015
On Monday, as this city hurtles toward another election cycle in 2016, Mayor Kevin Faulconer laid out a game plan that would have city voters weigh in on a still-to-be-negotiated stadium plan for the San...
May 27 2015
A local sports-radio commentator recently askedrhetoricallywhen Mayor Kevin Faulconer planned to put on his big-boy pants in the fight to keep the San Diego Chargers from leaving town
May 13 2015
Public officials who claim to be shocked at anything these days should come equipped with a large grain of salt. The most recent example? Last weeks City Council review of next years proposed budget for...
April 29 2015
Establishing shot: A picture-postcard day in the cultural heart of the city, Balboa Park. (Take that, Rob Quigley!) The new living room, to be precise, in the ever-evolving Plaza de Panama
April 15 2015
When termed-out San Diego Councilmember Todd Gloria announced his decision last week to seek the seat of outgoing state Assemblymember Toni Atkins, rather than wage battle to be San Diegos mayor, you could...
April 1 2015
In every political drama, there comes the shark-jumping moment. In the escalating Chargers stadium war of words, the media battleship U-T San Diego may have produced it last weekend with an article...
March 18 2015
On the keep-the-Chargers-from-bolting front, its gotten so bad for Mayor Kevin Faulconer that even Republican-friendly KUSI is stirring it up
March 4 2015
On Monday, Mayor Kevin Faulconer sat before a fidgety cluster of third-graders at the San Diego History Center and read to them the Dr. Seuss classic Oh, the Places Youll Go!
Feb. 18 2015
You have to kind of feel sorry for Adam Day. As chairman of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer's handpicked Citizens Stadium Advisory Group, Daythe son of former SDSU president Thomas Day, himself no stranger...
Feb. 15 2015
San Diego Chargers general counsel Mark Fabiani had to fire up an old computer to find the details, but it was hard to forget what a New York financial consulting firm was proposing in 2012 to get the...
Feb. 4 2015
Faulconer has put together something he calls the Citizens Stadium Advisory Group (sporting the unfortunate acronym CSAG), a nine-member panel of seemingly whip-smart business types given a fall deadline...
Jan. 21 2015
Yes, San Diego has emerged from a week of enough pithy political turns of phrase and political posturing that even the stiffest beverages cant remove them from our psyches any time soon


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