Nov. 24 2015
What a devilish contest. The annual Fiction 101 Challenge asks entrants to paint a scene or tell a story using no more than 101 words (title not included)
Nov. 26 2014
Usually, the most fantastical stories tend to delight our Fiction 101 judges. But this year, our first-place winner, Christopher Cordry, wrote a story that's all too real
Nov. 27 2013
That was true again this year, when pieces about a public defender for monsters and Twitter in biblical times won first and second place. Third place went to one of the shortest stories we've ever honored...
Nov. 7 2012
The long wait is over-behold the winners of our 10th annual story-story contest
Nov. 9 2011
The bartendress, Shirley, ruled with an iron fist and a lifelong smoker's hack. When she and Jack split, she took the truck and left him the house, unbolting the camper from the truck bed and driving...
Oct. 27 2010
If there's a given, it has nothing to do with death or taxes. No, the surest thing in life is that our annual Fiction 101 contest will draw tales of zombies, domestic murder and bar-stool angst. Our creative...
Oct. 25 2010
CityBeat's editorial team spent hours upon hours judging the nearly 300 submissions to our annual Fiction 101 contest. It left us exhausted. It left us frustrated with one another's tastes. But some of...
Sept. 14 2010
Its' time for CityBeat's eighth-annual Fiction 101 super-short-story contest, our unique way to celebrate excellence in economical creative writing. Here's the deal: You have 101 words to craft a compellingly...
Oct. 13 2009
The winners of our seventh annual super-short-story contest
Dec. 2 2008
Our Fiction 101 contest gets revived and made into a live spoken-word show
Oct. 21 2008
Presenting this year's winners
Oct. 16 2007
The winners of our fifth annual super-short-story contest
Oct. 11 2006
Shocking Tales of Life, Death and Brave Men in Purple Bunny Suits
Oct. 6 2004
Our Second Annual Fiction Contest
Sept. 3 2003
Our Very First Annual Celebration of Very Short Stories


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