letters to santa
Dec. 22 2015
Asking Santa Claus for gifts and presents for Christmas is a time-honored, commercial tradition. As one presidential candidate would note, "It's huge!" Around the holidays, however, the U.S. Postal Service...
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Dec. 17 2014
Once we learned about the accident, we dispatched a team to pick through the wreckage and salvage a bunch of letters to Santa, who was so appreciative that he allowed us to publish our favorites, plus...
Dec. 18 2013
Apparently, people are just getting needier and needier every year, so Santa Claus asked CityBeat to conduct an initial vetting of the millions of letters sent to the North Pole in 2013
Dec. 19 2012
Letters retrieved by Alex Zaragoza, Ryan Bradford, Dave Maass, Nathan Dinsdale, Peter Holslin, Kelly Davis, Jim Ruland and John R. Lamb
Dec. 21 2011
Tim Tebow wants 1,000 virgins. Anthony Weiner wants his dignity back. The president of Syria wants a few hundred flamethrowers. This year's batch of Letters to Santa is as strange, hilarious and...
Dec. 22 2010
Dear Santa, My name is Christopher Nolan. I directed Memento, The Dark Knight and, you know, other films. If you could just eat the cookie I've enclosed before reading the rest of this letter. Yes, that's...
Dec. 22 2010
San Diego police have nabbed CityBeat editor David Rolland on jaywalking charges and are holding him until the North Pole Justice Department can secure an indictment under the Official Elf Secrets Act...
Dec. 15 2009
As we've done for the past few years, we've intercepted correspondences from well-known locals and national celebrities bound for the North Pole. Our team of operatives includes Aaryn Belfer, Kelly Davis,...
Dec. 16 2008
We take a peek into the Man in Red's mailbox. Guess who's asking for what and why
Dec. 18 2007
CityBeat obtained these communications to the artist otherwise known as Kris Kringle
Dec. 20 2006
Intercepted communications to the North Pole from foreign leaders, celebrities and politicians


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